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Captain Wilhelm is a minor character in Swiss Family Robinson.

Role in the film

Captain Wilhelm and his crew agree to take some passengers, the Robinson family: Father Robinson, Mother Robinson, Fritz, Ernst, and Francis, from Bern, Switzerland to the new colony of New Guinea to avoid Napoleon Bonaparte's conquest of Europe.

However, when Captain Wilhelm and his crew unexpectedly come across some pirates led by Kuala, they decide to sail further away rather than to face them. But their ship, the Titus, unfortunately, runs into a raging storm, thus, leaving Captain Wilhelm and his crew with no choice but to selfishly abandon it and the Robinsons, the farm animal livestock, and his own dogs, Duke and Turk, to avoid possible sinking in the storm.

Luckily, the Titus was last seen continuously sailing and then getting stuck on some rocks near an uncharted island and all the passengers survived. Ernst said that maritime law states that if Captain Wilhelm abandons the ship, any remaining passengers may become the new owners. It was later used to help the Robinsons build a raft to get to shore and build a new treehouse on the island.


  • Despite being mentioned by the Robinsons, neither Captain Wilhelm nor his crew ever appear in the film.

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