"Careful My Toe" is a song from the film Into the Woods sung by Cinderella's StepmotherLucinda, and Florinda when the stepsisters are trying to get the golden slipper on their feet.


Baker: As the prince anxiously waited, the stepmother took matters, and Florinda's foot, into her own hands.

Florinda: Careful my toe!

Stepmother: Darling I know!

Florinda: What'll we do?

Stepmother: It'll have to go. But when you're his bride you can sit or ride, you'll never need to walk!

Baker: Minus one toe, Florinda mounted the Prince's horse, unaware of the blood dripping from the slipper.

Baker: Lucinda was next

Lucinda: Why won't it fit?

Stepmother: Darling be still, I'll cut off a bit of the heel and it will, and when you're his bride you'll have such a life, you'll never need to walk!

Baker: Minus a heel, Lucinda did her best to swallow the pain

Stepmother: It's a perfect fit, your highness

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