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Carlotta Sneed, or simply Ms. Sneed, is a recurring character from the animated TV Series Pepper Ann. She is the quiet, yet slightly eccentric economics teacher at Hazelnut Middle School where Pepper Ann Pearson attends.


Carlotta Sneed works as the economics teacher at Hazelnut Middle School. Her most distinguishing characteristic is that she is able to hold a conversation whilst knitting non-stop. This was apparently a skill that she had since she was very young and used to work as an accountant at Accountants R' Us until she was fired for doing just that by Milicent the Militant. She sets Pepper Ann and Milo Kamalani up to work at Food Barn and do a report on what it was like there after determining that the two of them are "weak". Upon seeing Pepper Ann give a very well informed presentation, she considers her a "kindred spirit". She also has a terrible obsession with Baggy Bean Buddies and collects, and even steals, them on occasion.

In "The Finale", it is established that in the series' version of 2013, Sneed is still a teacher at the school, though she and the rest of the staff are disappointed in the fact that there is nothing significantly different about them after all these years.


Sneed is usually very quiet and reserved compared to the other teachers at the school, most likely due to her obsession with knitting. She cares for her students, though in a very specific way relating to her teachings. However, she is also very passionate about economics and preaches her beliefs. She can also be ruthless and selfish as well, such as her need for baggy bean buddies and when she tried to get Pepper Ann to see her as the worst teacher so that she can go on vacation.

Physical appearance

Sneed is a tall, slightly paunchy, Caucasian woman with light brown hair done in a bob cut, small half oval glasses and pink lipstick. She wears a blue shirt with a red collar and yellow wrist frills, a long blue skirt with red and yellow tassels and black slippers.


  • Despite having some episodes that featured her in a prominent role, she is usually relegated to being an additional background teacher at Hazelnut, most likely because the staff found it difficult to implement her economy based knowledge into the series.
  • Sherman Finky apparently has a crush on her, though she never seems to reciprocate or acknowledge it throughout the show's run.
  • Sneed's body shape and knitting give the impression that she is an expecting mother, though due to the fact that she is unmarried, this is unlikely.

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