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Carnotaurus, also known as Carnotaurs ("Meat-eating bull"), were a species of carnivorous dinosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous period 72-69.9 million years ago in South America. They appear as the main antagonists of Disney's 2000 CGI film Dinosaur.



Although they serve as the film's antagonists, Carnotaurs are simply carnivores who require meat to survive, and have no real malicious intent. Like most natural predators, they see prey creatures as little more than food. Though they have no dialogue in the film, they are not without a certain level of intelligence, as they were smart enough to follow the herd's footprints to find food and water.

The two in the movie might be a mated pair or perhaps siblings, as they have a very strong bond, and the surviving one shows a powerful grudge against Aladar, trying to drag him over a cliff, possibly to avenge the death of his friend.

Carnotaurs are extremely vicious, dangerous, bloodthirsty, and feared by most other dinosaurs. Eema describes them as a "mouthful of teeth with a bad attitude", but it is important to note that, like most predators, they are best at picking off weak and/or solitary prey. Their favourite quarry would have been stragglers or much smaller creatures, as even these powerful predators could not contend with an entire herd.

Physical appearance

The Carnotaurs are fearsome, bipedal, carnivorous dinosaurs with reddish scales, long tails, sharp teeth, and short horns. Their arms are stubby and vestigial, as the bipedal predators no longer require them for locomotion. The two Carnotaurs that serve as the film's main antagonists are noticeably different in size, though it is unknown whether they are a mated pair or just relatives. Both Carnotaurs are ambiguous in regards to their genders and it is never stated whether either is male or female.



A Carnotaurus first appears at the beginning of the film where a young Parasaurolophus chases a flying lizard into the jungle. The flying lizard eventually landed on what appeared to be the bark of a large tree. The young dinosaur looks up to where the reptile is, but before it can get close, saliva falls on the branch next to it, causing the young dinosaur to look up where the lizard landed: the nose of a carnotaur, which quickly awakens. The young Parasaurolophus runs out of the jungle in terror, getting the attention of many of the herbivorous dinosaurs. The Carnotaur bursts out of the treeline and lunges after the dinosaurs, smashing all but one of the eggs in an Iguanodon's nest in the process. Ultimately, the chase ends when the Carnotaur runs down and kills an unfortunate Pachyrhinosaurus, the slowest herbivore of the group.

Like the other dinosaurs of the film's migration, the Carnotaurus have been driven out of their usual habitat by the meteor strike, and a pair of them have decided to follow the herd so as to obtain food in the arid landscape. Near the middle of the film, two Carnotaurus scare off a pack of likeminded Velociraptors from the remains of a Struthiomimus. The hunters then continue tracking the herd that Aladar and his lemur family have recently joined, feeding on the dead, weak, wounded and stragglers.

Later, Bruton and a scout are ambushed by the Carnotaurus while searching for water. Bruton escapes, albeit injured, to warn Kron while the scout is dragged off and devoured. Kron leaves the injured Bruton behind to fend for himself, blaming him for unintentionally leading the predators to the rest of the herd. That night, the Carnotaurs stop for water before noticing new tracks in the distance and resuming their hunt.

Later, as Aladar, his family, friends and Bruton take shelter from a rainstorm in a cave, the Carnotaurs inevitably discover them and attack. Bruton comes to the rescue and sacrifices himself by causing a cave-in, burying the smaller Carnotaur. The larger Carnotaur survives, however, roaring in vengeance, before setting off after the herd.

After Aladar and company find the Nesting Grounds, Aladar rushes back to warn Kron's herd about the rock pile and ravine blocking the main entrance. On the way there, he sees a dead Stygimoloch and quickly hides when he hears the Carnotaur coming to eat the Stygimoloch. Aladar manages to escape shortly after, unintentionally drawing the Carnotaur's attention.

Carnotaur preparing to attack the herd

The next day, Aladar reaches the herd and tries to warn Kron about the approaching Carnotaur. Kron refuses to listen, and berates Aladar for leading the carnivore to them. After his battle with Kron, Aladar assumes the herd's leadership. Unfortunately, the Carnotaur arrives shortly after and the cornered herd begins to panic. Aladar orders the herd to stand together rather than scatter, so as to avoid being picked off. Aladar bravely takes the lead, confronting the larger predator head-on. He is joined by Neera, and other members of the herd soon join in. Finding itself overwhelmed by the herd's combined strength, the Carnotaur backs down. However, it spots Kron, who has stubbornly scrambled off on his own, and chases after him, with Neera and Aladar not far behind. After Kron climbs the rocks only to find himself facing a cliff, the Carnotaur corners him. Kron fights back, but the Carnotaur sinks its teeth into his back and hurls him against a rock, mortally wounding him. As it is about to finish him off, Neera comes and assaults the Carnotaur in an attempt to save her brother, but is quickly overpowered. The Carnotaur then prepares to finish Neera, but Aladar arrives and manages to push the Carnotaur to the edge of the cliff. As the Carnotaur faces Aladar, its massive weight causes the cliff ledge to crumble. As the ledge starts to crack, the Carnotaur grabs Aladar and tries to pull him down along with it, but fails, and the Carnotaur falls off the cliff to its death in the jagged rocks below.

Video games

Disney's Dinosaur

The Carnotaurus return as the main antagonists in the video-game of the movie: they are unkillable and can only be defeated by completing a set of tasks that lures them into deadly traps.

Disney Parks


Carnotaurus animatronic

In the ride DINOSAUR at Disney's Animal Kingdom, a Carnotaurus is encountered four times, in addition to a Carnotaurus sculpture appearing on the sign for the attraction, and the animal's presence can be felt early on in the queue.

Within the Dino Institute there is a giant (replica) Carnotaurus skeleton that is the centre-piece of one part within the queue. It is likely that this skeleton is intended to be of the dinosaur encountered in the ride. A sign underneath of the skeleton explains its beefed up size and misplaced location through a museum sign labeling it as a Floridian subspecies known as "Robustus Floridaensis".

The first time the Carnotaurus is directly encountered is when the Time Rover's computer locks onto a large dinosaur, although he's not the Iguanodon, the dinosaur meant to be captured. When the Time Rover reached the targeted dinosaur, the computer identified it as a Carnotaurus. He roars at the riders, but they safely get away.

In the second encounter, lightning flashes to reveal the Carnotaurus. As he runs towards the guests, the Time Rover flees. After turning left and right many times to avoid meteor strikes, the Carnotaurus is encountered again, rearing to its full height and roaring loudly. Luckily, the riders in the Time Rover escape.

The last encounter is just seconds before the killer asteroid hits the Earth. The Carnotaurus lunges at the guests just as they make it through to the present day as the asteroid marks the extinction of the dinosaurs, including the Carnotaurus.


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  • In Dinosaur, Carnotaurus was shown to be much bigger than it was in real life. The film shows it to be as big as the Tyrannosaurus Rex by naming it Carnotaur. In actuality, Carnotaurus sastrei was smaller; roughly about 9-10 feet tall and 26-29 feet long (while Tyrannosaurus was 13-15 feet tall and 40-45 feet in length), thus making Carnotaurus slightly larger than Iguanodon, the main dinosaur of the movie. The real-life animal was also far lighter in build than its movie counterpart, having disproportionately long legs meant for high speed running as opposed to close quarters brawling the film version uses. Additionally, the arms of the film's Carnotaurus are longer and more opposable than the arms of a real Carnotaurus, whose arms were barely used if at all and resembled small hands sticking from their sides.
    • According to the behind-the-scenes features on the DVD, the Carnotaurus is at least 15 feet tall in the movie.
    • The skeleton of Carnotaurus "robustus floridaensis" in the lobby for the ride at Animal Kingdom is a casting made by combining elements of cast material from a Tyrannosaurus rex and scaled up casts of actual Carnotaurus sastrei material.
    • Carnotaurus in real life may have preferred to hunt small animals owing to its small skull and inferior bite-force compared to the likes of Tyrannosaurus and other larger theropods, however it may have also preyed upon bigger animals.
    • Another inaccuracy is that while the Carnotaurs in the movie are very big, bulky animals, the real-life Carnotaurus was a very slim animal, almost like a cheetah with long, gracile legs.
      • Added to this, Carnotaurus was also very fast and had a thick, stiff tail for powering its running abilities. As such, it could not use its tail to strike another dinosaur, as the larger Carnotaurus did to Aladar in the film during their battle.
        • This would have also prohibited any pivotal turns.
    • The snout of the Disney Carnotaurus is much more prolonged and broader than the snout of the Carnotaurus in real life which is often compared to that of a bulldog as well as more robust.
    • The Carnotaur is given a much more articulated body in the film, heavily inspired by the T. rex. Contrary to popular belief, Carnotaurus was not a typical theropod dinosaur as its family (Carnotaurinae) developed separately from the group in the then-isolated South America from different ancestors. It is often put forward by scientists to have had a relatively simply body which would have looked like a sausage with long legs and a mouth at the end.
    • Even with the rationalization that the Carnotaurus in the attraction is a Floridian sub-species, it is unknown how the Carnotaurus would have come to inhabit there. The reason behind this is because, during the Cretaceous Period, the continents which would become South America and North America were separated by two coastal seas and a straight in the Atlantic Ocean. Carnotaurus was naturally indigenous to South America's tropics with its features (such as bumpy, exposed skin) being adapted to this tropical ecosystem while what would become Florida was located far up in the northern hemisphere and completely submerged by a passage known as the Suwannee Straits. In a 2019 Twitter post, Joe Rohde has offered the explanation of a series of long since eroded islands within the shallow seas being a means for species exchange between the two continents, though this conceit isn't referenced in Dinoland's propping itself.[1]
    • The theory that carnotaurus was covered in robust, crocodile-like scales was disputed in 2021 upon examination of the skin impressions showing that the larger scales would have been randomly distributed with the scales overall resembling more typical avian or lizard-like scales.
    • The tips of the Carnotaurus' tails are similar to those of the armadillo lizard.
  • During the production of both the movie and the ride, original plans called for the famous Tyrannosaurus rex, but Disney decided to incorporate the lesser popular Carnotaurus instead, as its demonic appearance made it fitting for the role of the main antagonist and it wasn't a well-known animal at the time.
    • However, many fans and viewers often mistake the Carnotaurus portrayed in the film as T. rex due to their large size. They even nearly resemble a devil-like T. rex in appearance. Carnotaurus do have many differences from T. rex, such as smaller, useless arms, its obvious horns, and shorter snout.
      • Ironically though, paleontologists credit the abelisaurs (the group Carnotaurus belongs to) as being similar to tyrannosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus, dubbing them as the 'T. rexes of the South Hemisphere'.
  • The canyon scenes were possibly set in the Americas because Carnotaurus and several iguanodonts (not Iguanodon) were discovered in Argentina. The death spots of the two abelisaurids were in South America and the rest of the film most likely takes place in North America (the nesting grounds), Asia (the desert), and Europe (the original nesting ground/land).
  • The vocal effects were composed by Christopher Boyes, a former colleague, and sound engineer of Gary Rydstrom. For the Carnotaurus, the sound designs were based on the roars of big cats, pigs, crocodilians, etc.
  • The second, smaller Carnotaurus is perhaps the larger one's mate. It is also possible given their size differences, that the larger carnotaur is the smaller one's parent. Though according to the designer David Krentz, they were both always referred as "he" since their relationship was not considered.
  • Aside from size, the Carnotaurus' appearance is nearly accurate in most regards; as skin impressions are known from Carnotaurus, its appearance can be shown with relative confidence.
    • With that being said, however, the armor plating (also known as osteoderms) was not spiked, instead they were smooth and small.
  • Deleted scenes depicting Bruton and his scouts' attack by the Carnotaurus indicate that there was originally supposed to be three Carnotaurs instead of two.
  • Original storyboards also indicate that the Carnotaurs were responsible for the deaths of the discarded characters that were Noah's (an old name concept for Aladar) grandparents. The creatures also were originally given a much more uncanny role as almost a dinosaur Grim Reaper, some notes saying they'd almost never vocalize and have a habit of sneaking up on characters.
  • The Carnotaurus on the DINOSAUR ride has a Hidden Mickey on its forehead when encountered the 1st time.
    • The mural of the dinosaur in the gift shop at the end of the ride has one in the dewlap of its neck.
  • After its appearance in DINOSAUR, the Carnotaurus would later appear in other media; it has also appeared in the 2016 animated Universal movie, The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave, as well as the 2018 live-action Universal movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Before this, however, the dinosaur also appeared in Michael Crichton's book Jurassic Park: The Lost World where they developed the ability to turn practically invisible. Carnotaurus would also later appear in the video game adaptions of the franchise under the same name.
    • The Carnotaurus in the latter films look similar to the ones in Dinosaur.
  • The Carnotaurus' roar sound effects were used for Lizzie in the 2018 live-action Warner Bros. movie, Rampage.


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