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Carolyn Crosson is a character from The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction, and was also featured in the Tower of Terror movie.


Carolyn Crosson was a starlet in Hollywood during the 1930s. In 1939, she attended the Hollywood Tower Hotel for Halloween. However, lightning from another dimension struck the elevator and caused the five inside to die and be sucked into the realm.

Trapped as ghosts, the five spirits haunted the Hollywood Tower Hotel and the fifth dimension. In the 1990s, the hotel was reopened and they would have run-ins with newer guests.

Disney Parks[]

Sunset Boulevard[]

A piece of luggage placed near the sign for Route 66 on Sunset Boulevard has Carolyn's name on it. Beside this piece of luggage is one belonging to Gilbert London.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror[]

She is found with the other ghosts in the ride's pre-show portraying her fate and later as a ghost in the hallway. Her likeness is found in the 5th dimension and at the end of the ride she waves goodbye to guests.

Other Appearances[]


Tower of Terror[]

Like Sally, Carolyn is shown to be more friendly and outgoing, expressing compassion and sympathy to her fellow ghosts, most especially Dewey, whom Gilbert often tends to pick on. She was absent during the time when the four other guests tried to ward off Buzzy Crocker and his niece Anna from the hotel, preferring to converse with Buzzy and the others outside as she was looking for someone who can help them in their situation; Gilbert dismisses this as something of an infatuation with Buzzy upon meeting him while undercover as an actress.

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