Carrie Rawlins is Charlie and Paul's sister in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Role in the film

During the 1940 Blitz, Charlie, Carrie, and Paul are evacuated from London to the small village of Pepperinge Eye. There, they are placed in the care of Miss Eglantine Price, who agrees to the arrangement temporarily. They attempt to run back to London, but after observing Miss Price attempting to fly on a broomstick, they change their minds. They learn that she is an apprentice witch, who is learning witchcraft through a correspondence school with hopes of using her spells in the British war effort. In exchange for their silence, she offers them a transportation spell. She casts it on a bedknob that Paul removed from a brass bed in their room, and adds only he can work it since he's the one who handed it to her. When reattached to the bed, it will travel anywhere he asks.

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