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Carter Murphy-Mayhew is a minor character who was featured in the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Turning Red. He was first seen when he walked through the school corridor and Mei suddenly develops a crush on him.


He is rather seen as a moody boy due to his unsmiling facial expression in most of his scenes, but seems to be a very chill and mellow person, since he didn't mind getting one of Mei's red panda form paw prints on his shirt.


Carter is a small teenage emo boy with light skin and brown eyes with purple-grey contour eyeshadows underneath them. He has chin-length, choppy black hair with a fringe going over his left eye, as well as small lips, a small nose, and a slightly small chin and neck.

Role in the film

Carter is a minor character who serves as a brief love interest for Mei. He is first seen putting lipstick on a emo girl’s lips in the opening scene where Mei introduces herself. Then he was seen walking through the hallway, where Mei develops a crush on him. Later, he is seen when Mei accidentally puts a paw print from her red panda form on his shirt while she was dancing. She worried that he would get mad, but instead Carter appreciated getting the paw print, much to her relief. He was last seen at Tyler’s party being scared after Mei made Tyler cry, in her red panda form.


  • When Mei, Miriam, Priya, and Abby see him in the hallway at middle school, and Mei can't stop staring; you can see that he's wearing a shirt that says, "Escápula." This is a nod to a punk rock band that was briefly featured in Coco during the battle of the bands.


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