Casey (The Pride of Them All) is a song from Casey at the Bat, a segment from the 1946 Disney animated film, Make Mine Music. The song is sung in three parts, the first one was sung at the opening of the segment by an offscreen chorus. It is sung again during the part where the Ladies from the Stand idolize Casey, and later at the end of the short where Casey lost the game and becomes enraged for his loss.


Oh, what a lark to ride out to the park
And just to see Casey

They travel for miles and they stand in the aisles
And just to see Casey

The ladies don't understand baseball a bit
They don't know a strike from a foul or a hit

But when they see Casey, that game has got it
Casey, the pride of them all

Casey's the guy with his eye on the ball
But mostly the ladies
Casey's the guy who's the idol of all
But mostly the ladies
Casey is mighty and manly
Casey's a dangerous gent

Egad, when he goes to bat, hang onto your hat
He's batting a thousand percent with the ladies

Oh, Casey has nerve and he knows every curve
He's no hokey pokey
He gets away with that old double play
He's sure okey dokey

Ha makes all the ladies go, "Ga-ga, it's true"
No wonder they swoon when he comes into view
He was the Sinatra of 1902
Casey, the pride of them all

Casey, the pride of them all
What do you know? The game is over.

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