"Castle in Spain" is a song in the film, Babes in Toyland. It was sung by Barnaby.


In our castle in Spain,
You’ll be living rent-free.
Every capital gain,
You’ll share with me.
From this village below,
Every cent we will drain,
And our fortune will grow
In our castle in Spain.
Every mortgage and lease,
I will revaluate, and for you
I’ll increase their interest rate.
You’ll eat nothing but cake,
You’ll drink naught but champagne,
You’ll be in on the take
In our castle in Spain.
Surely, you must agree
That it makes you head whirl
To be marrying me, you lucky girl.
You have caught me today
In a generous vein.
Come now, what do you say?
To our castle in
ahh… ahh… ahh… ahh… Spain.

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