The Cat Jury are major antagonists in the 1935 animated short Pluto's Judgement Day voiced by Clarence Nash.


Along with the prosecutor and judge, the Cat Jury are dream apparitions who determine Pluto's fate after he is put on trial for chasing cats. Of course, the trial is rigged in order for the jury to declare Pluto guilty of chasing cats and sentence him to the Hot Seat as punishment. Despite this fact, the Cat Jury's fate is never revealed after their disappearance when Pluto awakes from his nightmare.


In the beginning of the cartoon, Pluto is chasing a young kitten into Mickey's house. Mickey angrily scolds Pluto for bullying cats and warns him that he will have much to answer for on his "judgement day" if he keeps this up. Mickey then orders Pluto to lie down near the fireplace as punishment for his actions while he goes to clean the kitten, which left Pluto very bitter towards Mickey. But as he falls to slumber, he dreams of a full-grown cat coming into the house and provoking Pluto into chasing him. Ignoring Mickey's pleas not to do so, Pluto chases the cat but then falls into a trap leading into Hell itself, where he is chained to several iron balls and a crowd of hellish felines appears around him with angry expressions, including a large orange cat wearing a wig, a black cloak and cap serving as the judge, eight small black cats serving as jurors, and a large black cat wearing a red cloak serving as the prosecutor.

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