The Cat Prosecutor is a minor antagonist in the 1935 animated short Pluto's Judgement Day voiced by Billy Bletcher.


Along with an army of vengeful black cats, the Cat Prosecutor is a dream apparition who puts Pluto on trial for chasing a kitten. Of course, the trial is rigged so that Pluto will be found guilty and sentenced to the Hot Seat. Despite this fact, the Cat Prosecutor's fate is never revealed after his disappearance when Pluto awakes from his nightmare.


In the short, the cat prosecutor proclaims that Pluto is on trial for the numerous crimes that he has committed against their kind. The prosecutor also tells Pluto that he shall be found guilty and dares him to prove himself otherwise. He then brings out other cats who've been victimized by Pluto to testify against him, but all their testimonies are all dubious at best. The first was a fat cat who claimed that Pluto assaulted him for his obesity and then chased him under a steamroller, which squashed him to death. The second is a shaking cat strapped to a wheelchair whose caretaker claims has developed "dog-shock" from Pluto's abuse and demonstrates by using a toy dog to send him into a panic attack. Then the last victims were three orphaned kittens who claim that Pluto not only stole their milk and food but also murdered their "Uncle Tom" by drowning him in the river. Despite being stated earlier by the cat prosecutor that he can try to defend himself for these actions, Pluto is too scared to do so, which adds up to his guilt, much to the cat prosecutor's amusement.

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