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"Catboy's Cuddly" is the second segment of the 28th episode of PJ Masks. It first aired on January 19, 2018.


This week at school, everyone is welcome to bring along their plush toys. However, Cameron's sister toy has been swapped with a talking Romeo doll. Who better to stop the crazy scientist than the PJ Masks?


Connor is walking around his bedroom, packing up his usual things for school. As he finishes placing the last of his things inside his backpack, he hears Amaya's voice coming from his walkie-talkie. He grabs it, and jumps on his bed to see out the window. Outside is both Amaya and Greg - they are both waiting for Connor to come out of his house so they can all walk to school together. Knowing that he is late, he quickly jumps off his bed, grabs his backpack, and starts to run out of his bedroom, until he notices that he knocked his stuffed cat cuddly, Mr. Meow, off his pillow on his bed in the process. He walks over to pick it up, hugs it for a second, and places it back on his pillow, then leaves his house to walk to school with Amaya and Greg.

As the three enter the school grounds, Amaya and Greg notice that some of the kids from the other classes brought their cuddlies for "Bring Your Cuddly to School" day. This grabs Connor's attention, and he quickly becomes ecstatic. Just then, Cameron stops by the group, and jokingly tells them that they can bring their cuddlies in to school as well if they get permission. Connor begins to state that it would be great, until Cameron starts laughing at him for having a cuddly. Embarrassed, Connor quickly finishes his previous statement, saying that it would be great for the younger kids, since he and the others are too old for these types of things. Amaya and Greg, who are looking at Connor after his previous comment about bringing a cuddly to school, agree with him, though reluctantly. Suddenly, the four kids hear a cry from Cameron's little sister. She is really upset because her cuddly is replaced with a weird-looking cuddly. Running up to her, Cameron grabs the cuddly from her and takes a look at it. After a quick second, he gets freaked out and throws it away from himself and his sister. The doll lands towards Connor, Amaya, and Greg. Amaya and Greg take a closer look at the doll, and see that it is a talking Romeo Doll. Wondering what Romeo is up to, the three decide to check it out.

Upon arriving at headquarters, the PJ Masks enter the Owl-Glider and take off. As they fly through the town, Owlette uses her Owl Eyes to track down any signs of Romeo. Soon enough, she spots Robot walking around the town pushing a cart and lands the vehicle in a spot of the town behind him. The PJ Masks then get out of the vehicle and quickly run behind a building to spy on what Robot is doing. They find out that Robot has a box of the stolen cuddlies, and is continuing to take all of the town's cuddlies right now. Upon seeing this, Catboy realizes that his cuddly is in danger as well. He shouts out his cuddly's name, but when Owlette and Gekko hear this and look at him, he quickly makes up a name that relates to his cuddly's name, "Mr. Miaowsky," and claims that it is the name of their new teacher at school. He then quickly points out to where the "teacher" is located and runs off, leaving Owlette and Gekko confused on where is he going. Just then, Romeo pulls up behind the two and comments on how they lost Catboy, just when he is about to proceed with his most adorable plan ever. He then drives off, and Owlette and Gekko are now even more confused about what just happened in these matter of seconds.

Meanwhile, Catboy soon reaches his house and runs into his bedroom. After taking a few breaths, he sees that his cuddly has not yet been taken away. Relieved, he happily walks over to it and hugs it, promising it that nothing will take it away from him. Suddenly, Robot arrives outside at Catboy's house. He opens up his bedroom window, and takes Mr. Meow away from him. Catboy, though, does not stand by what is happening and quickly grabs Mr. Meow from Robot. Soon, Robot's arms start chasing Catboy around his bedroom in order to grab his cuddly again. At one point, after Catboy jumps on his closet to escape from Robot, Robot grabs a spinning globe and throws it at him in hopes of knocking him off. He fortunately gets out of its way, though, and the chase continues, until Robot's arms get tangled up in his room. Satisfied with what happened, he quickly runs out of his bedroom and out of his house into the town as Robot is still struggling.

Catboy soon returns to Owlette and Gekko, who are now angry at him. After the two get his attention, Catboy stops by them and hides Mr. Meow behind his back, asking them what is going on. Owlette just responds angrily that he ran away and turns her head away from him. Suddenly, Catboy's cuddly squeaks, much to Catboy's surprise, and Owlette and Gekko both look at him again, not noticing that Robot is walking by behind them, stealing the last of the cuddlies. Catboy notices him, though, and points it out, until he realizes that he took out his cuddly from behind his back in the process and hides him again. Fortunately for him, the two do not notice, as they just assume that he is tricking them again. Soon, they both hear Robot's voice saying that he is returning to Romeo and start to run after him. Meanwhile, Catboy takes out his cuddly and hugs it again, still relieved that it is safe. After a few seconds, he follows the team.

Catboy's cat symbol transitions to the museum, where Romeo's Laboratory is located. Robot brings the stolen cuddlies to Romeo, while the PJ Masks hide behind the bushes to spy on what the two villains are doing. Just then, Romeo exits his lab and introduces his Cuddly Transforming Machine to the cuddlies. With that, he walks over to it and activates it, and the cuddlies are sucked inside. After a few seconds, they transform into talking Romeo Dolls and gather into the box. Suddenly, Romeo gets sucked into the machine as well and gets transformed into a Romeo Doll himself. As he lands in the box with the other cuddlies, Robot runs up and starts looking for him. Throwing a few of the dolls away, he soon finds Romeo, places the machine into reverse, and places him back into the machine. Soon enough, Romeo turns back to normal and pops out of the machine, with Robot catching him as he falls. Romeo declares that the situation never happened and starts to comment on his genius.

Meanwhile, the PJ Masks are looking at what is happening. They realize that Romeo is stealing the town's cuddlies in order to transform them into Romeo Dolls. Owlette and Gekko are filled with shock about this, while Catboy looks at them, confused at what are they upset about. He then takes out his cuddly and looks at it, but it squeaks again. Hearing that sound, the PJ Masks quickly crouch down in order to hide from Romeo and Robot in case they turn around upon hearing it. While Catboy hides his cuddly behind his back again, Gekko asks him what he had said. Smiling nervously, Catboy claims that they should stop Romeo and Robot by taking the two villains by surprise as they hide behind Romeo's lab. Feeling that this is a good idea, Owlette and Gekko proceed with the plan. Meanwhile, Catboy takes out his cuddly and hugs it again, then hides it in the bushes before he catches up with the others.

The PJ Masks begin to sneak up behind Romeo's lab in order to take the villains by surprise. However, the lab senses them, and the alarm sounds. Hearing the alarm, Romeo wonders what is going on, and he and Robot look for anything suspicious. Soon, Robot spots the tail on Catboy's cuddly sticking out in the bushes. He walks over to take it out, making Catboy loudly whisper out in surprise. The whisper catches Romeo's attention, and he turns to see the PJ Masks in front of the museum. Meanwhile, Robot takes out Catboy's cuddly. Catboy starts to shout out its name in despair, but sees that Owlette and Gekko are looking at him from his outburst. Embarrassed, he claims that this name would be the name of the cuddly that Robot has in his hands if it was his. Suddenly, he sees Robot throwing his cuddly to Romeo. Now not minding what Owlette and Gekko are seeing what he is doing, Catboy runs on Romeo's lab and jumps off to save it. Unfortunately for him, he is too late - Romeo catches his cuddly while he falls down on the ground. Soon enough, Romeo places his cuddly into the Cuddly Transforming Machine, and it is now transformed into a Romeo Doll. Catboy quickly stands up and runs to the box that his cuddly is now placed in. He desperately throws the dolls away in search of his cuddly until all of them are thrown out, soon forming an army in front of him and talking. Now with all of the cuddlies transformed into Romeo Dolls, Romeo can now hand them out to every kid in town. With a Romeo Doll to cuddle with, they will soon grow accustomed to loving him, and that will enable him to take over the world.

Soon, Owlette and Gekko run up to Catboy. After seeing the situation unfold, the two start to chase Romeo and Robot as they start to leave; Owlette flies towards them, while Gekko tries to stop them in their tracks. However, Robot just grabs them - he throws Owlette up in a tree, while he traps Gekko in a garbage can - and the two villains leave the premises. A few moments later, Owlette gets out of the tree and flies towards Gekko. After she gets him out of the can, the two run over to Catboy as he slowly walks toward them. They declare that they now need to stop Romeo and shoot their heroic poses, proclaiming that "It's time to be a hero!". Catboy does not budge, though, because he is hugely embarrassed now that it has been revealed that he has a cuddly, and he is a hero himself. However, to his surprise, Gekko and Owlette both reveal to him that they also have cuddlies themselves. Gekko has a cuddly named Lionel Jr., while Owlette has a cuddly named Lady Wigglesworth. The reason why that they did not say anything about their cuddlies is that they did not want anyone to think that they were childish. Soon, the PJ Masks now become more upset. Because of their embarrassment of being childish, everyone's cuddlies are now lost. After this revelation, they now become determined to get them back, no matter how childish it may be to have a cuddly.

With one switch of Catboy's cat symbol, Romeo and Robot are walking around the town, placing all of the Romeo Dolls in every child's room. At one point, Robot places a doll in Cameron's room. As it starts talking, Cameron slowly wakes up to find the doll in his room and becomes confused. As Romeo and Robot continue on delivering the dolls, Catboy jumps right in front of them. Romeo is unfazed by this, and just tells Catboy to leave, threatening him that he will tell everyone about how he has a cuddly. In response, though, Catboy just stays there, saying that "if Romeo messes with it, he messes with him." Just then, Owlette flies in, complying to what Catboy had said. As Robot tries to catch her, he throws another Romeo Doll in another room. Suddenly, Gekko also appears and catches the doll, also complying with Catboy's statement. Now seeing how the PJ Masks are determined to stop him, Romeo runs and throws the rest of the dolls in the children's rooms. However, Gekko deflects them, and they land on the ground instead. As the dolls drop over him, Romeo tries to take cover, but he soon loses control and crashes into a couple of garbage bags. Meanwhile, Owlette manages to get Robot tangled up in his arms, and he falls down. With the villains now down, the PJ Masks grab the cart and run away with the dolls. Unfortunately, Robot soon gets up. With Romeo riding him, the two chase after them. In just a few moments, the two soon come close to catching them, but after the team passes a couple of trash cans, Robot trips and falls down, while Romeo flies into another couple of trash bags.

Soon enough, the PJ Masks make it to the Cuddly Transforming Machine. After Catboy puts the machine in reverse, all of the Romeo Dolls are sucked into the machine and are transformed back into everyone's own cuddlies. As soon as they all fall into the box, Owlette and Gekko reach into it and grab their own cuddlies (Owlette's cuddly a stuffed owl toy, and Gekko's cuddly a stuffed lizard toy), hugging them as they are happy to have them back. However, Catboy becomes upset because his cuddly is not in the box with the others. Soon, Romeo and Robot arrive at the scene. Seeing that all of the cuddlies are back to normal, Romeo gets angry and runs up to his machine and kicks it, injuring his foot. Suddenly, because of Romeo's kick, Catboy's cuddly comes out of the machine. Upon seeing it, Catboy happily grabs it, spins around, and hugs it as well. Romeo is still angry that his plan is foiled, but when Robot gives him his teddy bear, Hugsy-Bear, to calm down, he becomes happy upon the sight of it and hugs him, until he sees the PJ Masks looking at him. He then accepts his defeat, but vows that this is not the last time they have seen him. With that, Romeo and Robot ride off in the laboratory, while the PJ Masks let out a cheer.

The next day, Connor, Amaya, and Greg are sitting down happily with their cuddlies in their possession. Cameron comes by them and starts laughing at them, saying that they are babies with their cuddlies. Just then, his sister comes in and gives him his stuffed mouse cuddly, Murray Mouse. At first, Cameron is happy to see it, but later denies quickly that the cuddly that she has in her hands is not his. He then grabs it from her and shushes her, leaving her confused. Connor, Amaya, and Greg just smile, though. Connor welcomes Cameron to the "cuddly crowd," and everyone starts having fun with their cuddlies as the episode closes.

Hero Revelation

You shouldn't feel ashamed of what you have.

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