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Catherine the Greater is Ivan the Wonderful's wife and the circus' illusionist along with him in the 2019 remake of Dumbo.

Role in the film

Catherine and Ivan witness Joe and Milly Farrier running past them, telling them that they will be coming. They later stand next to each other near Holt just as he introduces them by name. After a reminder from Max Medici, Catherine and the other workers continue building the tent. The next day, they gaze upon Jumbo Junior, recently born to Mrs. Jumbo in awe. Catherine and Ivan later entertain guests at nighttime in front of some guests in the sideshow section. Later after the incident with the elephant act due ro Mrs. Jumbo's rampage at the circus causing it to collapse, Ivan (who has a coffee mug) gives his wife coffee with Mrs. Jumbo put into confinement as he calmly comforts her while Miss Atlantis calmly sings "Baby Mine".

The next day, Catherine and the other performers sadly gaze upon Mrs. Jumbo being taken away just as Dumbo, as he is now called, is sent to perform in the clown act, no longer including him in the elephant act. Later during his next one, Catherine and Ivan watch him in the role of a firefighter clown and as the platform begins to collapse due to one of the clowns' clumsiness, Catherine and Ivan become fearful about this; thanks to Milly's help, Dumbo manages to fly around the tent.

Furthermore, Catherine and the other performers travel to an amusement park called Dreamland in Arkansas as Dumbo's act was a success. After it is found out that Vandevere Enterprises has fired all the performers, Holt, Joe, Milly, and the performers plan to rescue Dumbo by releasing him back into the wild alongside Mrs. Jumbo. Catherine plays an important role in arriving at Nightmare Island which Dumbo and the other performers barge into as she and Ivan work together to put in the fog effects to distract the dangerous animals and turn off the lights to confuse the guards just as the performers take the transport vehicle with Mrs. Jumbo inside just before the park owner, V.A. Vandevere, and his guards try to stop the circus troupe. Later, Catherine, Holt, Joe, Milly, and the rest of the performers spend their last moments with Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo before they get released into the wild.

At the end of the film, Catherine and Ivan are seen releasing a dove as part of a new policy of not including wild animals in the circus.


  • Her name is derived from Catherine the Great, a historical figure from Russia.
  • According to the English Audio Description, she is identified as having Latin American roots.

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