Cavenpuss a platypus/Balthazar Cavendish hybrid on Milo Murphy’s Law.


This being has Balthazar Cavendish's head, glasses, hat, and tie. He also has Perry the Platypus' torso, limbs, and tail.


In "Escape", Doof creates Cavenpuss with the use of his clone-inator so Dakota can get into Cavendish’s head. When Dakota asks Cavenpuss where the original Cavendish’s head is, the newborn states why he doesn’t know. Eventually he does end up helpful to the cause.

In "Milo in Space", Cavenpuss helps six other Earthlings get an alien spacecraft to take off.

In "Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space", the abomination scares all of the Octalians.


  • It is unknown if this character is male or female, for s(he) has a man’s head and voice but can also lay eggs. It is referred to as male throughout the series.
  • S(he) has been called an abomination by many other characters.
  • Melissa thinks it's cute.


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