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Cearadactylus is a genus of large Early Cretaceous (Albian) pterosaurs from South America. The only known species is Cearadactylus atrox, described and named in 1985 by Giuseppe Leonardiand Guido Borgomanero. The name refers to the Brazilian state Ceará and combines this with Greek daktylos, "finger", a reference to the wing finger of pterosaurs. The Latin atrox means "frightful", a reference to the fearsome dentition of the species. Its best- known pop culture appearance is in Michael Crichton's 1990 novel, Jurassic Park, and Jurassic World when it appeared in the aviary scene.


Disney's Dinosaur

This species of pterosaur (simply identified as an Ornithocherius by the computer) appeared exclusively on this ride. After encountering the Saltasaurus, the computer warned that the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs will cause an impact in 90 seconds (1 1/2 minutes). During that time, the time rover passed by two perched Cearadactylus chicks that flapped their wings and squawked at the passengers. After that, the computer identified a full grown adult Cearadactylus (possibly the mother of the chicks) that screeches and swoops down toward the vehicle, which ducked down at the last second where a group of Compsognathus is encountered.

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