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Centaurs are creatures from the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward.


Centaurs back in the old days lived in a world where magic once existed. Ever since magic was slowly fading away, centaurs adapted to a new life with modern conveniences.

Like in mythology, centaurs shown in this film are portrayed being half human and half horse. In this type, they also have horse ears.

Role in the film

In a teaser for the film, a female centaur is seen jogging across the streets greeting a nearby troll.

In the film, centaurs once lived in a world when magic once existed throughout the land of mythical creatures. Ever since magic existed across the land, they enjoyed using magic until modern technology arrives. With modern technology rising slowly, centaur adapted to a new life in this format such as working as employees, living in modern day houses, etc.

The key centaur featured in the film is Colt Bronco, a police officer who dates with Laurel Lightfoot, despite his attempts to stop Ian and Barley.

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