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The official birthdays of Disney characters, as provided in calendars, episodes, games, and comics.

Known birthdays

Mater - January 12
Shown on his passport in the closing credits of Cars 2. It is also a reference to John Lasseter's birthday.
Riley Andersen - January 22
Her username when she video-chats with Meg is "Riley0122", meaning January 22. She also shares a birthday with Elie Docter, daughter of director Pete Docter, and whom the character of Riley is based off of.
Ferb Fletcher - February 29
Confirmed by Dan Povenmire on Twitter.[1]
Gretchen Grundler - March 23
Mentioned in the episode "Outcast Ashley".
Huey, Dewey, and Louie - April 15
This is revealed in the 2017 DuckTales episode "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!" and corresponds with the release date of their animated debut, Donald's Nephews. This, however, contradicts the 1953 comic story "Donald Duck in Panama" (originally printed in Walt Disney's Vacation Parade #4), in which they stated that they were Leos (which is associated with the period between July 22nd and August 23rd).

Piggy jumps out of a cake for Kermit.

Kermit the Frog - May 9
While it is common knowledge that Kermit was born in a swamp, the precise date of his birth was largely uncertain, with different months and days specified over the years prior to his 50th anniversary in 2005, when the issue of assigning a specific date resurfaced. A National Public Radio Morning Edition report, broadcast on May 9th, claimed that Kermit was born on that day; the actual broadcast focused on Kermit's "birth" as a puppet creation as opposed to an actual celebrity, and chose May 9th since that was the date Sam and Friends debuted. The May 9th date cropped up again in a Ford press release promoting the debut of Kermit's Ford commercial during the Super Bowl on February 6, 2006; it included a biography of Kermit, which stated his birth date as May 9, 1955. The Muppets 2008 Day-at-a-Time Calendar also states Kermit's birthday as May 9th. Incidentally, in episode 106 of The Muppet Show, Kermit mentions that he is a Taurus, giving credence to May 9th as Kermit's birthday.
Rapunzel - May 12
As noted in the video, the scene is very reminiscent of the Disney film Tangled, where the main character sees a lantern festival every year on her birthday. Oh, and in case you were wondering, astrologists have determined that Rapunzel's birthday is May 12.

Donald's 60th birthday is celebrated in Don Rosa's "The Duck Who Never Was".

Donald Duck (and technically sometimes Della Duck) - June 9
Donald's birthday occurs in The Three Caballeros, but it is stated to be happening on Friday the 13th, oddly not mentioning any particular month. This is also the case in the first two episodes of Legend of the Three Caballeros. The Disneyland episode "The Donald Duck Story" states that Donald was born on Friday the 13th of 1932, which would have been in May of that year, but the earlier cartoon short Donald's Happy Birthday shows Donald's birthday being on March 13th. However, later promotional material and comic stories such as Don Rosa's "The Duck Who Never Was" instead give his birthday as June 9th, the same day that The Wise Little Hen was originally released in 1934. According to Dave Smith's book Disney Trivia from the Vault, it was changed to June 9th to be consistent with Mickey's birthday being the date his debut cartoon was originally released.
Logically, since Della Duck is sometimes Donald's twin sister, the two would share the same birthday in whichever specific media Della is depicted as Donald's twin. However, unlike Donald, her official birthdate (June 9 or otherwise) has never been formally recognized by Disney, making it only-implied-yet-all-but-confirmed in such cases.
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz - June 15
Revealed in the episode "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together".
Anna - June 21
Confirmed by Jennifer Lee on Twitter.[2]
Indiana Jones - July 1
Revealed in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.
Candace Flynn - July 11
Revealed in the episode "Candace Loses Her Head".
Soos Ramirez - July 13
Revealed in the episode "Blendin's Game".
Rope Girl - July 18
Mentioned in the episode "It's Crandall's Birthday - Bandit!"
Pony Head - August 4
As seen in the episode "Bam Ui Pati!"
Doug Funnie - August 22
Shown on Doug's calendar in "Doug's Last Birthday". (It should be noted, though, that this conflicts with the episode "Doug's Birthday Present" from the original Nickelodeon series, in which it was stated that Doug's birthday occurred during the school year.)

Dipper and Mabel celebrate their 13th birthday at the end of Gravity Falls.

Dipper and Mabel Pines - August 31
Alex Hirsch confirmed that Dipper and Mabel's birthday coincides with the end of summer, thus putting their birthday around late August.[3] The date is given on a flier shown in "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future". The series finale "Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back the Falls" has the twins celebrating their 13th birthday at the end.
Pluto - September 5
From 1998 to 2002, Toon Disney would run special "Happy Birthday, Pluto!" station IDs in commemoration of the day that Pluto's debut cartoon, The Chain Gang, was originally released in 1930.
Launchpad McQuack - September 18
In the 2017 DuckTales series, his birthday was shown on his driver's license in the episode "Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!" However, this contradicts him mentioning that he is an Aries in the original series episode "A DuckTales Valentine", possibly indicating that this does not apply to him in the original series.
Princess Sofia - October 6
Confirmed by Craig Gerber on Twitter.[4][5]
Alice Green - October 10
Shown on her driver's license in the episode "Gramma's License". Despite this, her birthday has been contradicted by Chris Houghton who said that collectively the Greens zodiac sign is "the fish one".

As shown in this publicity drawing from 1938, Mickey's birthday was celebrated on randomly-selected dates before it was officially declared to be November 18th in the 1970s.

This special variant of Toon Disney's logo featuring Mickey and Minnie was used to celebrate their 72nd birthday in 2000.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse - November 18
Although Mickey's birthday has always been linked with his public debut in Steamboat Willie, it was actually celebrated on different dates prior to the 1970s. Due to errors on the studio's early press releases, Mickey's fifth birthday was celebrated on September 30th of 1933 (the day that the Film Pictorial magazine article that confirmed Mickey and Minnie's marriage was published), his seventh was celebrated on September 28th of 1935, his tenth was celebrated on September 27th of 1938, and his twentieth was celebrated in 1947, to coincide with the release of Fun and Fancy Free. In 1968, his fortieth birthday was celebrated on October 28th. It was not until 1978, in preparation for Mickey's fiftieth anniversary, that Disney Archives founder Dave Smith officially confirmed that Steamboat Willie's original release date in 1928, and Mickey's official birthday, was November 18th.
Disney has officially stated November 18th is also Minnie Mouse's birthday, due to her having debuted alongside Mickey in Steamboat Willie. However, this does not seem to be the case in fiction; numerous productions that take place on Minnie's birthday do not mention it also being Mickey's birthday, and vice-versa. According to Disney.com's now-defunct "frequently asked questions" page, Mickey and Minnie's birthday and Donald's birthday are the only character birthdays that the company officially recognizes.[6]
Tinker Bell - November 19
Tinker Bell's arrival day is November 19, as evidenced by the Nintendo DS game of Tinker Bell. It appears that time passes differently in Pixie Hollow that it does on the Mainland. You can clearly see that the winter fairies are just returning home from the Mainland in groups a few hours after Tinker Bell's arrival. In the game, the starting date for Tinker Bell (though the player is supposed to put in his or her own birthday) is November 19 in the 1890s.
Tarzan - November 22
According to the books.
Kronk - November 27
Héctor - November 30
Confirmed by Gael García Bernal on Twitter.[7]
Elsa - December 22
Confirmed by Jennifer Lee on Twitter.[2]

Vague dates

Zodiac signs

The following characters' birthdays have provided clues as to when their birthdays occur by mentioning their astrological signs in the zodiac.

  • In the 1953 comic "Donald Duck in Panama", Scrooge McDuck, checking his horoscope, mentions that he is a Gemini, which puts his birthday between May 21st and June 21st.
  • In the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers comic story "Cobra Kadabra", Snout mentions that he is a Pisces, which would put his birthday between February 19th and March 20th.
  • In the Recess episode "Outcast Ashley", Ashley Quinlan states that she is a Leo, thus revealing that her birthday is between July 22nd and August 22nd. In the same episode, Ashley Armbruster states that she is a Gemini, which indicates that her birthday is between May 21st and June 21st.
  • In the Kim Possible episode "The Ron Factor", Ron mentions that he is a Virgo ("Dude, I am Virgo, but what's your name?"), which would put his birthday between August 23rd and September 22nd. However, in the later "Trading Faces", he says "I'm surprisingly nimble for an Aries," which would indicate his birthday is between March 20th and April 19th.
  • In the American Dragon: Jake Long episode "Shapeshifter", Jake Long states that he is a Pisces, thus revealing his birthday is between February 19th and March 20th.
  • Major Monogram mentions in the Phineas and Ferb episode "Operation Crumb Cake" that he is a Sagittarius, which would mean his birthday is between November 22nd and December 21st. However, this conflicts with his birthday being celebrated in the summer in "Backyard Hodge Podge" (see below).
  • Craig Gerber mentioned that Princess Amber and Prince James were born in August under the zodiac sign Leo, putting their birthday between August 1st and August 22nd. He also mentioned that Cedric the Sorcerer's birthday is in January and that he was born under the Capricorn sign putting his birthday between January 1st and January 19th.

Other hints

The following characters have given clues about when their birthday occurs but did not give the specific date.

  • Unlike the other members of the Sensational Six, Daisy Duck's birthday has not been officially stated by Disney, possibly due to her having two first appearances. Furthermore, various comics and TV shows have given their own different dates, such as May 16 in the 1955 Daisy Duck's Diary comic strip called "Birthday Boo-Boo", and December 1 in a 1989 comic strip called "Forget Me Not". In the Mickey Mouse Works short "Whitewater Donald", Daisy mentions that it is Valentine's Day and also her half-birthday, indicating her birthday to be approximately on August 14.
  • In The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episode "How Much is That Rabbit in the Window?", it is shown that Rabbit's birthday is on the 30th of the unspecified month in which the episode takes place. This rules out February, as it has only 28 days (or 29 days in a leap year), and since the episode is not set in wintertime, that also likely rules out December and January.
  • Goof Troop and its related media provide numerous (though, in some cases, conflicting) hints regarding Max Goof's birthday.
    • In both "Midnight Movie Madness" and "You Camp Take It With You", he claims to be 11½ years old. As these two episodes were the first two of the series ever produced, it is likely that the "11½ years old" claims in these episodes came directly from the series' production bible, and were meant to be taken as factually true for the events of both episodes. What's more is that, of these two episodes, the latter takes place on the first day of summer vacation, placing it anywhere from late in May to the middle of June. If he were to be merely at least 11½ in this episode, his birthday could theoretically come anywhere from June-to-November or July-to-December, so long as May or June were to be at least the sixth month after his birth month. Though, "Midnight Movie Madness" does feel like it might occur around Halloween, but that episode is vague enough in when it takes place that its events could just as well happen during Spring or Summer instead.
    • Additionally, while the Goof Troop spinoff film A Goofy Movie doesn't provide any information about Max's birth, its behind-the-scenes TV special The Making of A Goofy Movie does have director Kevin Lima declare Max to be 14 years old in the movie. Since the film takes place at the end of a high school year during the month of June,[8] Max's being 14 at the time would mean that the school grade he finishes in that movie is 9th Grade. Since 14 is the youngest a person can be when beginning high school at Grade 9 in the United States (without skipping any grades, that is), this means that Max's 14th birthday had to have come before the school year began in the previous calendar year. And with his still being 14 by the end of the same school year, then Max's 15th birthday would come later in that same calendar year, before the start of 10th Grade.
    • This would further align with the aforementioned notion of his birthday most likely coming somewhere during the span of either June-to-November or July-to-December, but which now narrows down the window to being somewhere between school years during the summer. And with this also matching up with Max's being 11½ in "You Camp Take It With You", then that would make the school grade he completed right before that episode be 6th Grade. This would also mean that, three years later, Max was more precisely 14½ years old in A Goofy Movie. And finally, certain pieces of officially-licensed merchandise declare the events of A Goofy Movie to take place in the year 1995. Therefore, if the 14½-year-old Max's 15th birthday were to come in the Summer of 1995, then the year of his birth would be none other than 1980!
    • HOWEVER, the Goof Troop episode "Take Me Out of the Ball Game" actually features Max's birthday at the beginning of the episode, and places it right before the day of tryouts for Little League Baseball. The whole Little League season is then gone through in this episode, beginning a week after tryouts and is implied (but not stated outright) to span 20 weeks, which is just under five months. The season ends right as Football season is starting, which would be around the beginning of September. The 20 weeks of Little League Baseball subtracted from September 1, along with the one week before the Little League season on which the tryouts and Max's birthday occurred, would place both the tryouts date and Max's birthday on some date in April, contradicting both the established notion of Max being 11-and-a-half years old during May/June in "You Camp Take It With You" (since May/June would be too close to April for Max to be halfway through being 11 by that point), and the later notion of his still being 14 in June 1995 during A Goofy Movie (since an April birthday would have made him already 15 by the movie's point in time).
    • Meanwhile, the October 1996 issue of Disney Adventures magazine includes a Goof Troop comic strip, titled "Toy Tussle", in which Max's birthday (a different one from the birthday seen in "Take Me Out of the Ball Game") is featured, but which is otherwise given no indication as to when, exactly, it takes place (besides it being in a snow-less, non-winter season).
    • In 2021, Kevin Lima stated on Twitter, "In 1995, Max was 15."[9] While he had previously stated that Max was 14 in A Goofy Movie, this does align with the above notion that Max would have turned 15 later in 1995 at a point set after the movie's events.
  • Additionally, Goof Troop also provides vague hints regarding the birthday of Pete's daughter Pistol:
    • The episode "Hot Air" sees her stated multiple times to be 4½ years old. Neither she nor Max nor her brother P.J. attend school during this episode, while Pete does work at his used car lot. Pete's work schedule in the show typically has him working on weekdays with at least Saturdays off. Plus, since Max and P.J. attempt to make a jet-pack out of fireworks in the episode, and since the episode is clearly not set during Winter, it can be surmised that the episode takes place during summer, on a weekday, at some point prior to July 4th (hence the fireworks being available for the boys to already have), like in June. Like Max, were Pistol to be merely at least 4½ in this episode, her birthday could theoretically come anywhere from July to December.
    • What's more is that the episode "Three Ring Bind" is stated by Pistol to take place three months before her next birthday. Of note is that both this episode and "Hot Air" also feature Giblet the Clown as a guest star. In "Hot Air", Pistol introduces herself to Giblet as though that moment had been her first time ever meeting him, while in "Three Ring Bind", she makes no such gesture and treats Giblet as if he's nobody new to her. Conversely, "Three Ring Bind" sees Max expressing a sense of unfamiliarity with Giblet upon hearing his name mentioned, while in "Hot Air" he is present for when Pistol introduces herself to Giblet in that episode, calling into question exactly when "Three Ring Bind" takes place in relation to "Hot Air", and how precise the repeated claims of Pistol being 4½ years old in "Hot Air" are when compared to her birthday being three months away from the time of "Three Ring Bind".
    • Though, there is also Giblet's presence in Spoonerville at all to consider. If he is originally from out of town and visiting mainly because of the traveling circus that he works for in "Three Ring Bind" (seeking other work in "Hot Air" because of the circus's closing down in the other episode), then that could suggest all of his appearances ("Hot Air", "Three Ring Bind", and "Buddy Building") to take place in relatively close proximity to each other, possibly even within the same week or so. Were that to be the case, then "Hot Air" taking place before July 4 during June and "Three Ring Bind" being set three months before her birthday would, collectively, mean that Pistol was born in the month of September.
    • Meanwhile, the episode "Goofin' Up the Social Ladder" has Pistol declare herself to be "almost 5", placing it both after and at least within the same year as "Hot Air", while the episode "Fool's Gold" has her claim to be 6 years old, showing that her birthdays do come and go even if their exact date is unknown (and even if the chronology of these episodes is a fair bit out of order from how they originally aired).
  • Backing up to A Goofy Movie, Max's love interest from that movie, Roxanne, has her birthday mentioned in a 1997 French comic strip published in the 2330th issue of Le Journal de Mickey.
    • Said comic spans two days set in February, with the first set on a day preceding Valentine's Day. As there is also no snow to be found anywhere in the city during this first day, it must come as far from January as possible before February 14. The second day of this story is said to be Roxanne's birthday, but features no celebration of her birth. Instead, the school's theater workshop performs a play titled "Je t'Aime" ("I Love You" in French). This play is strongly implied to be a one-time performance, as though it were for a special occasion. Given the romantic nature of this play, and its single-day limited performance, it would make sense for it to be performed on Valentine's Day itself. So if the second day of this story is both Valentine's Day and Roxanne's birthday, then the date of Roxanne's birth would be none other than February 14.
    • What's more, tie-in material for A Goofy Movie confirms that Roxanne and Max are classmates in the same grade. Max being in 9th Grade during the movie would also be true for Roxanne. So if she started high school at Age 14, then her birthday being in February would make her 15 by the movie's time, making her actually a little older than Max. And, with A Goofy Movie being set in June 1995, Roxanne having turned 15 earlier in that year would make her exact date of birth February 14, 1980!
    • However, in The Making of A Goofy Movie, character designer Carole Holliday states that, when designing Roxanne, director Kevin Lima wanted "a character who was 13 years old, and spunky and the most popular girl in the school." Setting aside the latter two points, it is unlikely for her to be 13 during the movie's time since, with its being set at the end of a high school year, the youngest age a high schooler (specifically, a ninth-grader) in the U.S. can be at the end of a school year is 14. Unless she was gifted enough to have skipped a grade, and even if she were, her birthday being in February would still make her turn 14 by the end of the school year. She would've had to have skipped two grades to be 13 during A Goofy Movie, needing to have started high school at Age 12 instead. But, the final version of the movie itself gives no reason to consider this to be so, with 15 being a more reasonable age for her.
  • At the end of the Teamo Supremo episode "Will You Be My Valentine Bandit?", the Birthday Bandit asks Skate Lad, "Isn't your birthday in about a month or so?" This indicates that Skate Lad's birthday is in the middle of March.
  • In the W.I.T.C.H. episode "Parent's Night", Elyon Brown mentions that her birthday is March 13th. But in the comic book, her birthday is October 31st.

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