Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar is a 1967 Disney film released by Buena Vista Distribution Company. It was originally released in a double feature with The Jungle Book.


As a baby, Charlie's mother was killed, leaving him alone. Jess Bradley finds Charlie, takes him in and raises him. Charlie experiences some adventures growing up including some play time with a black bear cub and visits to his friend Potlatch for snacks. Potlatch, though has a pet terrier named Chainsaw, Charlie's nemesis, in the logging camp where Charlie grows up. This rivalry leads to problems including a wrecked kitchen and a trip down the river as part of the logging crew, which, of course, leads to more problems including another destroyed kitchen.

Jess is forced to lock Charlie in a cage which doesn't hold him for long. Charlie hears another cougar in the distance one night and decides to break free and investigate. The two have a good time playing, but it turns sour when his new friend won't share a meal he has recently caught. Charlie moves on and finds himself getting a free meal with a farmer milking his cow. Again, this does not turn out well for Charlie and havoc ensues on the farm.

Charlie finds himself lost and on his own. He spends the summer hunting and getting by until one day when he, himself, becomes the hunted by a pack of dogs. He manages to escape and finds himself back at the logging camp. However, after spending the summer in the wild, his natural instincts have kicked in and he's more wild than tame now. Ultimately, Jess has no option but to release him back into the wild, where he finds love and lives happily ever after.


  • Ron Brown as Jess Bradley
  • Brian Russell as Potlatch
  • Linda Wallace as Jess' Fiancé
  • Jim Wilson as Farmer
  • Lewis Sample as Chief Engineer
  • Clifford Peterson as Mill Manager
  • Edward C. Moller as Mill Hand
  • Charlie as Himself
  • Chainsaw as Himself
  • Rex Allen as Narrator (voice)