DGP - Charlotte Bio

Charlotte Dickens-Johnson is one of the detectives from Guilty Party. She is the older sister of Dorian Dickens and the adoptive mother of Ling-Ling Johnson.

Official Biography

Charlotte is The Commodore's older sister. Long ago, she came to visit the Commodore and Olivia to see their children, who were still very young at the time. Along the way she helped Butch subdue some subway train hijackers, and ultimately decided to join up with her little brother Dorian because she found detective work wonderfully exciting.

She relishes the intellectual challenge of rigorous logic, which allows her to keep her mind sharp, and her soft-spoken grandmotherly demeanor gives her an edge when interviewing suspects. She also knows Kung Fu, which comes in handy when those more lofty approaches fail. Anyone who doubts her martial arts mastery is apt to be on the receiving end of her fists of fury. On her own she is a fearsome crime-fighter - but with her husband Butch and daughter Ling-Ling at her side, she is unstoppable.

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