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Cheese Puffs is a brand of snacks made by Gorgon Zola's in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. The snacks, as the name suggests, are puffed corn snacks coated with cheese.


The Cheese Puffs, as their name says, are cheese-flavored snacks that resemble the ones in typical modern day, making them equivalent to Cheetos in real life.

Role in the film

At the Swamp Gas area, Cheese Puffs are first seen on display on the snack aisles in the background. When Ian requests the storekeeper for a refill for their van Guinevere, Barley adds some Cheese Puffs for food and a bathroom key. This, however, increases the total of Ian's cost due to Barley's impatience. During the climax of the film while exploring Raven's Point, Ian nervously eats some Cheese Puffs. In an attempt to cross a dangerous river, Ian uses one Cheese Puff for transportation by using magic to enlarge it due to no plan to build a raft. As Ian and Barley ride on it, the two come across multiple wizard statues in another section of the river. The two proceed to a dangerous gauntlet to find the Phoenix Gem.


  • The manufacturer name "Gorgon Zola's" is a pun on the mythical creature "Gorgon" and the cheese "gorgonzola".

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