Chelsea (who is played by Myra) is Jenna's best friend at school, in the movie Max Keeble's Big Move. She is seen walking down the halls in school with Jenna (Brooke Anne Smith) when Max (Alex D. Linz) approaches them and says "Hello sweetheart" to his blonde crush. This causes them to turn around and stand watching as Keeble is asked where is going by Ms. Dingman (Amber Valletta). Later on in the film, Chelsea and Jenna are seen sitting in booth at a local ice cream shop, while they and a big group of local kids encourage Max Keeble — who is sitting in between them — to chug down milkshakes. The crowd cheers as he downs the last milkshake! Max lets out a loud belch and both girls laugh. Chelsea says to Max, "So, you did actually set up that whole 'monkey thing' at the cafeteria?" to which Max replies "Well, actually Tad is a chimpanzee." Jenna chimes in impressed saying "You're so devious!" Max then states "Well, it's really part of my whole new attitude — what I like to call my 'phat-itude.'" Next Chelsea is seen dancing with the group of teens around the table where Max and Jenna are on top of dancing. When Principle Jindraike announces that Art, Music, P.E., and fun are discontinued, Chelsea turns to Jenna and says with sarcasm, "Great! Your boyfriend Max Keeble just got us hosed." Jenna returns the sarcasm in the look she gives to Chelsea, saying "He's just my paper boy. I never really liked him." When the students crowd Max Keeble, Troy McGinty (Noel Fisher) and Dobbs (Orlando Brown) after school, Jenna and Chelsea look at each other with as much confusion as the rest of the student body when one foreign football student speaks in English. When Max Keeble is victorious, the BFF's approach him to invite him to a party where only 9th graders are invited, to which Keeble declines embarrassing Jenna and they walk off.


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