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Cherry Tree Lane is a location from the 1964 Disney film, Mary Poppins and its 2018 sequel. It is the main setting shown of the overall Mary Poppins franchise.


Cherry Tree Lane is a street located in London and is the residential home of the Banks family where George and Winifred Banks' children Michael and Jane constantly trick the nannies hired there. It is also the place where Mary Poppins visits as Jane and Michael thought she would be the perfect nanny who would take care of them. Next to the residential home lives a neighboring home where Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle live. Behind the home is a sidewalk where Bert performs in front of the people.

By the events of Mary Poppins Returns, lawyers Hamilton Gooding and Templeton Frye approach Michael and Jane Banks as the house itself is being placed under repossession by the bank, much to the Banks family's worry about what will happen when the house becomes property of William Weatherall Wilkins. This leads the Banks family, with help from Mary and Jack, to save the house from being repossessed by finding the share certificate which Michael was struggling to find. At the last minute, the certificate is found on the back of the Banks family photo on Michael's childhood kite leading Michael and the rest of his family to return to the bank to show it to Wilkins before it is too late. Mr. Dawes Jr., however, approaches Wilkins and is furious with him for being unfair to the Banks family to which after Wilkins is taken away for his corrupt actions, the Banks family was able to save their house from being repossessed.


In the original Mary Poppins film, Cherry Tree Lane was constructed and shot entirely indoors in the Walt Disney Studios at Burbank, California, with the London set constructed on Stage 4 alongside the park and the exterior of St. Paul's Cathedral.[1] Although the film was set in London, the set was entirely filmed in the United States and there was no single filming in London as it was confirmed that the film itself was filmed in all four sound stages at Burbank. The Cherry Tree Lane set itself also included four nearly full-scale Gregorian houses authentic in every detail. The cherry tree blossoms seen in the film were made of plastic materials imported from France and Portugal hence the street's namesake as each lead and bloom was hand-mounted. In addition to this, a massive cyclorama painting surrounded the back of the entire set itself. [2]

Points of interests

  • Banks Family House: Located in 17 Cherry Tree Lane, this is the residential home where the Banks family lives. Next to the house is a unique house where Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle live.
  • Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle's House: Located next to the Banks family's house, it is where the Banks family's neighbors, Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle live. Occasionally, Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle would fire their cannon to mark the hour.
  • The Park: A recreation area near the Banks family's house. Outside the park is the area where Bert performs in front of the people as well as creating sidewalk art for Mary, Bert, Jane, and Michael to have adventures in one of the drawings. Inside the park is a recreational area full of grass where no one is allowed to walk on the grass due to the park's rules.


Mary Poppins

Cherry Tree Lane is first seen where Bert is performing in front of a group of people to which during performance, the people applaud him for a great performance just as he receive tips from the pedestrians for a good performance. Bert walks past by 17 Cherry Tree Lane past a nearby house which is home to Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle who use a cannon to mark the hour as Bert explains to himself that Boom is known for his punctuality. As he talks to the Admiral who greets him "Good afternoon", he tells him that some parties want to see number 16 to which the Admiral agrees, telling Bert that the storm signals are up at 17 just as Bert thanks him for the info. Bert than walks past 17 Cherry Tree Lane, residence of the Banks family just as he hears the nannies inside the house. As they are discussing with each other about the Banks family's children, Winifred arrives at the house where she encounters Katie Nanna and Ellen inside just as she sings the musical number "Sister Suffragette" in front of the nannies. Katie explains to Winifred that the children have disappeared just as she tells her to take care of them to which she tells Winifred that she resigned, much to Katie telling her to reconsider just before Admiral Boom fires the cannon to mark the hour, causing the objects to flow. Winifred tries to talk to Katie to which she explains that she needs wages to continue taking care of the house.

Outside, George Banks walks on Cherry Tree Lane past Admiral Boom telling him if it's a little bit too early to mark the hour while Mr. Binnacle tries to reload the cannon, asking George to know how the world of finance is to which George replies that the money is admired everywhere just before George walks away, much to Admiral Boom's worry. George then approaches Katie Nanna and then later enters the house as he sings the musical number "The Life I Lead" just as he tells Winifred to know where the children are to which she explains that Katie Nanna has been looking for the children everywhere just as George calls the police to know where the children are only for Winifred to find out that Constable Jones is here. The Constable enters the house and shows George his children Michael and Jane Banks, just as the Constable explains that the children are here as the policeman clarifies that the kite ran away, not the children due to their kite being defective to use just before the Constable leaves to resume his duty. As the Constable exits, Winifred then tells George to take the children to Ellen so they can discuss with her just as Ellen takes them upstairs.

Downstairs, George is discussing with Winifred privately about why Winifred chose Katie Nanna to take care of the children just as Winifred tells him that she will do better in hiring a better nanny to take care of the children only for George to tells her that she hired sided nannies all of which did a poor job in taking care of them. George explains to him that choosing a nanny is a delicate task, which could be difficult to do when taking care of the children as George decides to hire a perfect nanny for them while singing the musical number, "The Perfect Nanny". However, Michael and Jane approach their parents as Jane tells them that they will live with a new nanny just as she shows a letter to the two of what she and Michael wrote about finding a better nanny to take care of them. Upon showing them the letter, Jane and Michael return to bed as George furiously rips the letter apart just as George calls The Times about placing an advertisement to help the children find a new nanny just as the torn pieces on the fireplace float up the chimney by themselves.

Outside, Admiral Boom alerts Mr. Binnacle to mark the hour just as the two look at a crowd of people below them. At the Banks family's house, Ellen discusses with George and his wife that their neighbors are going to fire their cannon to mark the hour of 8:00 a.m. However, suddenly, a strong wind occurs apron the Cherry Tree Lane just as the crowd of people are being blown away by the wind just as Jane and Michael look at Mary Poppins in the sky holding her signature umbrella just as she lands very gently on Cherry Tree Lane just as Jane is excited that she is the nanny the two asked for. Ellen then opens the door to see Mary inside just as she asks George to know if he is the father of Jane and Michael Banks. George asks Mary to know if she has any references to which she denies, telling him that the references are very old-fashioned just as she holds up the letter which Jane and Michael wrote for her. She then asks George to know why he advertised her to which he explains that he tore them up. While reviewing what the letter says, Mary tells George that she required every second Tuesday an off day just before she sees the children. Seeing them, she directs them upstairs while Winifred approaches her husband to know where Mary went as George explains to her that she is in the nursery just trying to make sure if she will take care of the children well to which she tells him that Ellen should dismiss the others just as he tells her that the position has been filled.

Later, Mary discusses with the children that the nursery they are at is very messy just as Jane and Michael show the nursery around them while Mary explains to them about the importance of tidying up the place just before she shows her the things she has in her carpetbag. Mary then uses a measuring tape to know about Michael's personality to which Mary claims him to be "extremely stubborn and suspicious" followed by Jane who is claimed to be "rather inclined to giggle, doesn't put things away" and Mary herself to be claimed as "practically perfect in every way". Mary then sings the musical number "A Spoonful of Sugar" so that she can help tidy up the nursery. Throughout the musical number, she snaps her finger to help clean the nursery just as Jane does the same to help tidy up the room while Michael struggles to do the same. However, Michael finally does so after a bit of patience to clean the room. After cleaning the room, Mary, Jane, and Michael leave the room while Ellen bids them a farewell.

Elsewhere on the sidewalk, Bert is working on drawing pictures on the floor using chalk while singing "Chim Chim Cher-ee" just as he feels satisfied of his drawings. Suddenly, he sees Mary Poppins behind him alongside Jane and Michael just as Mary introduces to him as they are planning to go to the park to which Bert explains that the park isn't his place to stay and instead decides to take the children to explore the world of his paintings just as he shows the children the paintings he made from "Punting on the Thames" and "At the Circus" so that Michael and Jane could get an experience of what it is like on the painting. Bert then shows the children a painting of an English countryside telling them that there is a little county fair down the road just as Bert finishes adding a few details to the countryside painting just as Bert tells Michael and Jane to think of magic to which Mary helps the three jump into the painting with magic.

As it rains on the English countryside painting, Mary, Bert, Jane, and Michael end up back at Cherry Tree Lane again just as the three return back home bidding a farewell to Bert. Back at home, Mary gives Michael and Jane medicine as she explains to them that people who are wet during the rain must take their medicine to which they do so. During bedtime while they remember what they did upon having adventures on the painting with Bert, Mary then sings the musical number "Stay Awake" to Jane and Michael so she can calm them down to get ready for bed.

The next day, Admiral Boom tells Mr. Binnacle to fire the cannon to mark the morning hour. George then approaches his wife who discusses with him that Mary Poppins might be helpful in taking care of the house. Ellen serves breakfast to them but later tells the robins to stop chirping. As George discusses with his wife, his children approach their father who are singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" which Mary Poppins taught them much to George himself not being in a good mood to which while discussing, Winifred notices that the clock is about to strike 8:00 a.m. as Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle fire the cannon to mark the morning hour and upon seeing the piano affected by the cannon's loud blast, George tells his wife to have the piano repaired. Outside, Mary Poppins is planning to take Jane and Michael to walk to Mrs. Cory's shop, the fishmonger's fish market for sole and prawn to which she suddenly hears Boom and Binnacle greeting the three a good morning to which Andrew, a dog, approaches the three as they follow him across the streets into Uncle Albert's house. Upon approaching Bert, the three meet his uncontrollable Uncle Albert who is moving by himself due to his nonstop laughing while singing the musical number, "I Love to Laugh" just before telling the two children that it is tea time just as Bert, the children, and Albert have tea while midair. During tea time, Albert shares his conversation with Bert, Mary, Jane, and Michael just before returning home, much to Albert's sadness.

Meanwhile, George walks past Admiral Boom and Mr, Binnacle's house who greet them to which he ignores the two. As he enters the house, Michael and Jane tell their father that they had a tea party midair just before George tells them to return to their room. George later discusses with his wife about the problems about why his children should learn the seriousness of life feeling worried about Jane and Michael's adventures with Mary Poppins while singing the musical number "The Life I Lead" just before going to bed. Mary then approaches the children who tells them that it is bedtime to which she shows the two the snow globe depicting St. Paul's Cathedral on it while singing the musical number, "Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)" to which while singing the musical number, the scene fades to a sequence where an elderly woman kindly feeds a flock of pigeons breadcrumbs on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral. The sequence then fades to Mary putting the children to sleep.

The next day, Jane and Michael walk far away far from their house at Cherry Tree Lane and arrive at the bank where their father George teaches them about investing money at the bank. There, George takes them to have their money invested but instead decide to give money to buy food for the birds causing a bank run across the bank and as the two escape the bank, they approach Bert as the two discuss about the problem they had with their father at the bank. As Bert takes Michael and Jane to Cherry Tree Lane, he sings the musical number "Chim Chim Cher-ee" and as Bert takes the children home, Winifred Banks thanks Bert for bringing the children home just before she leaves the house. Seeing the fireplace at their house, Bert points his feather duster facing upwards and as Michael grabs it, he then finds himself at the top of the roof, followed by Jane doing the same alongside Mary and Bert just as the four look at London around them just as the four march across the rooftops of London altogether. Throughout the musical number, "Step in Time", Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle watch the Chimney Sweeps dancing altogether to which Mr. Binnacle launches fireworks from their cannon to scare off the Chimney Sweeps to which as they scatter in panic, they leap into a chimney leading to the Banks family's house. As the Chimney Sweeps arrive there, they constantly pass by Ellen who notices them in shock followed by Mary, Bert, Jane, and Michael going down just as Bert's friends dance inside the house. Mary then tells Bert to whistle so the Chimney Sweeps can leave to which upon hearing him whistle, they suddenly leave the house altogether as they run across Cherry Tree Lane.

Later, George tells Mary Poppins to explain why the Chimney Sweeps arrived there and cause too much disturbance to which Mary couldn't explain anything. George then calls Mr. Dawes Sr. and apologized of what happened earlier during the incident with his children at the bank. After talking with him, George then sings the musical number, "A Man Has Dreams", singing about the things that happened to him just as Bert apologizes to him for the trouble in the house just before leaving. As Bert leaves, Michael and Jane apologize to their father for the trouble they caused earlier just before returning to the nursery. That night, George Banks walks across the streets of Cherry Tree Lane quietly as an instrumental reprise of the musical number "Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)" begins and later walks toward the bank to deal with Mr. Dawes Sr.

The next morning, Admiral Boom alerts Mr. Binnacle to get ready to mark the hour and as Jane and Michael are feeling emotional that Mary is leaving the house while Constable Jones is talking with the bank about George Banks being discharged last night as he is talking with the bank. Katie Nanna, Ellen, and Winifred approach George who is singing happily only for the Constable to find out that George is alive singing the song "A Spoonful of Sugar" to which Jane and Michael suddenly hear him downstairs as he is revealed to have fixed the kite for the two just as their father sings the musical number, "Let's Go Fly a Kite". Happily singing, George offers his children Jane and Michael to go outside to fly a kite followed by the nannies and his wife, while the Constable is still talking on the phone.

As George and his family stroll at Cherry Tree Lane, Mary Poppins notices them happily having fun together just as everyone outside is flying kites happily while Mr. Dawes Jr. sees George who congratulates him for bringing him a sense of humor. As the musical number, "Let's Go Fly a Kite" resumes, Mary Poppins walks outside just as her umbrella's parrot head tells her that he is experiencing gratitude just before planning to leave. Mary leaves Cherry Tree Lane using her signature umbrella just as Bert bids a farewell to her.

Mary Poppins Returns

Set during the Great Depression during the musical number "(Underneath the) Lovely London Sky", the lamplighter Jack happily strolls across the streets of London as well as the park during morning passing by a park keeper to which arriving there, he passes by a milkman. Arriving there, Jack passes by the houses of the Banks family as well as the house by Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle to which Jack turns off the light on the nearby lantern just before the opening credits appear.

Later, Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle hear the Big Ben from a distance frustrated that they forgot to fire their cannon to mark the hour while Hamilton Gooding and Templeton Frye enter the room while Ellen is frustrated with the sink problems telling Michael and Jane to fix it while John and Annabel Banks are tasked to get the mops and towel to clean up the mess caused by the sink, followed by Georgie following along just as Annabel is talking to the plumbers on the phone to have the pipes repaired just as the lawyers Hamilton Gooding and Templeton Frye enter the house just as they place a Notice of Repossession on the front door to which as they enter, they discuss with Michael who explains to them that his wife passed away last year. As Michael is discussing with Gooding and Frye, they explain to Michael that he is three months behind his payments to which Michael is told that he should pay back the entire loan in full as said in their contract within five days, and if Michael does not pay in full by Friday, the house will be repossessed, much to the Banks family's worry about losing their house at 17 Cherry Tree Lane. Meanwhile, Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle are readying themselves to mark the hour to which they do so, causing interruption in the Banks family's house just as Jane warns Gooding and Frye that this was caused by the Admiral next door to mark the hour just before the two lawyers leave the house. As Michael fears that he will lose his house, his wife tells him that he does not have any money to keep his family's house as Jane tells her husband that she must find the share certificate before the lawyers repossess the house just as John, Annabel, and Georgie hear their conversation about what will happen the house's fate just before John, Annabel, and Georgie are off to the park.

Arriving the park, John, Annabel, and Georgie approach Miss Lark who happily greets with her pet dog Willoughby and upon seeing the Balloon Lady from the distance, Georgie attempts to go past the grass but the Park Keeper warns him to stay out of the grass just as the children continue strolling around the park. Meanwhile at the attic at the Banks family's house, Michael is looking for the certificate required to show for the lawyers, he finds a music box which reminds him of his parents George and Winifred singing the musical number "A Conversation" grieving over them while trying to look for the certificate just as his wife Jane tells her husband couldn't find the certificate in the wardrobe while the attic itself is in a mess just as Michael finds his old kite which his father and mother taught him how to fly it. Suddenly, a strong wind occurs in Cherry Tree Lane, Michael's kite flies past Jack as well as Mrs. Lark in the park, alongside a man reading and John, Annabel, and Georgie just as they try to catch up with their father's kite and as Jack grabs the kite Georgie is holding, the two see Mary Poppins in the sky landing on the ground.

As Mary arrives, she warns Georgie to be careful when using the kite outdoors as well as John and Annabel worried that they almost lost Georgie. Annabel asks Mary to know why she knew about the children's names to which Jack explains to the children that Mary is the one who knows about the Banks family's children who knew about their names. As Mary approaches Jack, she asks him to know how her friend Bert is to which Jack explains to her that Bert is traveling the world off to points unknown just as Mary plans to speak with Michael and Jane in their house while Jack follows along. Approaching Mary Poppins, Michael and Jane are surprised to see her return to the Banks family's house. Jane asks Mary to know why she returned to Cherry Tree Lane to which she explains to her that she came to look after the Banks family's children. Jane discusses with her children that when she and her husband were young, they believed that Mary Poppins could do all sorts of impossible things just as she discusses with Michael and Jane about the plan to keep their house back just as Mary goes upstairs to talk with the children in the nursery just as Mary tells the children that it is bath time at the bathroom. During bath time, John, Annabel, and Georgie are discussing with each other about Mary's umbrella being unusual to them believing that it can talk just as Mary sings the musical number, "Can You Imagine That?" turning the bathtub into a magical world to which Mary places various objects in the tub just as John, Annabel, and Georgie get into the tub followed by Mary joining along in an underwater world where they find life-sized objects inside as well as dolphins throughout the musical sequence just before returning to Cherry Tree Lane in the real world.

Meanwhile back at the Banks' family house, Michael is struggling to look for the certificate downstairs while talking with his wife to which while looking for it, John, Annabel, and Georgie excitedly run downstairs about having an underwater adventure on the bathtub to which their father tells them to let him concentrate on finding the certificate just as Jane tells her husband that her late father George Banks must have left it at the bank while Mary helps clean up the bookshelf room while Georgie is tasked to take out the rubbish while John and Annabel are tasked to put the books back in place to which Georgie finds one of the papers being taken to the trash to show a picture of the Banks family just as he decides to keep it.

Later that night at the nursery, John is tasked to help Ellen put away the dishes while Georgie is also tasked to fix the kite by tomorrow. Mary then talks to Jack outside on the streets of Cherry Tree Lane to which as she sees him outside during a private conversation between the two while John, Annabel, and Georgie get into a fight over the Royal Doulton bowl to which it is found out that all the three broke the bowl as said by Clyde, Shamus' horse, on the bowl itself. Seeing the artwork changed on the bowl, John, Annabel, and Georgie are discussing about how to fix it just as Mary takes Jack, John, Annabel, and Georgie to the Royal Doulton bowl just as Mary spins the bowl which leads the five into an animated sequence where all the inhabitants there are anthropomorphic animals.

As they arrive there, Mary, Jack, John, Annabel, and Georgie have an adventure inside the bowl just as Shamus leads the five to a musical hall during the musical number "The Royal Doulton Music Hall" where they pass by numerous animated animals. During their adventure, the five enter the Royal Doulton Music Hall and as they enter, a chorus of pink flamingos sings on stage while an orangutan conducts an orchestra where an octopus plays multiple instruments with his tentacles. Later, Mary and Jack participate with a large cast of performing a large cast of animals on stage, including the Penguin Waiters during the musical number, "A Cover is Not the Book" and as the crowd cheers for their performance, John, Annabel, and Georgie notice that the Wolf, William Weatherall Wilkins' animated counterpart, has taken Georgie's toy giraffe, Gillie. John and Annabel attempt to rescue Georgie and retrieve Gillie from the Wolf, the Badger and the Weasel just as Shamus and his horse Clyde assist the two to rescue Georgie and retrieve his toy giraffe. John and Annabel manage to dispatch the Badger and the Weasel to do so while Georgie disconnects the Wolf's vehicle as the Wolf leads the three to the edge of the bowl, causing them to find themselves at the nursery at the Banks family's house. After having an adventure on the Royal Doulton bowl, Georgie felt fearful about his encounter with the Wolf, the Badger, and the Weasel just as Mary comforts him and alongside John and Annabel to which shes sings the musical number, "The Place Where Lost Things Go" just as John, Annabel, and Georgie fall asleep with Mary singing to them just as Mary plans to take the bowl to be repaired by her cousin Topsy in a nearby store.

The next day, Mary tells Jane who bumped into Jack that she and the children are heading into town to have the Royal Doulton bowl fixed to which Jane denies as Mary tells her to give Jack one of the flyers as Jack goes into a private conversation with Jane while Mary approaches Michael who is on his way to the bank while Ellen is worried that he forgot his briefcase while Mary, Jack, John, Annabel, and Georgie are on their way to Topsy's shop while Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle are readying themselves to fire the cannon to mark the morning hour just as the five leave Cherry Tree Lane into another town to have the Royal Doulton bowl fixed at Topsy's shop, Topotrepolovsky's All Repairs Large and Small Fix-it Shop.

Meanwhile at the bank, Wilkins is discussing with Hamilton Gooding and Templeton Frye about the fate Michael Banks living and his home in Cherry Tree Lane, Frye tells Wilkins to move up the repossession plan for another week, causing Wilkins' plan to repossess the house at Cherry Tree Lane to be delayed just as Wilkins decide to talk with Penny Farthing with the fate of the Banks family's house just as Wilkins discusses with Gooding and Frye that in two days, the Banks family's house at Cherry Tree Lane will be repossessed as well as being property of the bankers, much to John, Annabel, and Georgie's worries. They later approach their father that Wilkins is identical to the Wolf from the animated sequence as Wilkins himself is trying to steal the house just as Wilkins tells Michael to pay the loan before the house will be repossessed by Friday at midnight just as Michael tells Mary to take John, Annabel, and Georgie back home.

On their way home, Mary, John, Annabel, and Georgie encounter Jack as the children tell him that they are on their way home and cannot find their way back to which in a plan to take them back home, Jack sings the musical number, "Trip a Little Light Fantastic" to Mary, John, Annabel, and Georgie where Jack helps the four find their way home to which in their way home, the Lamplighters sing along with him as they help the light the lanterns as Jack tells them to follow the light so they can find their way to Cherry Tree Lane. They are able to do so with help from Jack and the Lamplighters and later when Mary, John, Annabel, and Georgie dance along with them, underground, Jack and the Lamplighters escort Mary, John, Annabel, and Georgie back home on Cherry Tree Lane to which the four return to the Banks family's house.

As John, Annabel, and Georgie return home, Michael is very furious with his children telling them that he could have lost his job as well as Mary Poppins who believes she was irresponsible for caring them to which Michael fears that his family's house is getting close to being repossessed by the bank. John, Annabel, and Georgie sing a reprise of "The Place Where Lost Things Go" to their father to cheer him just as he tells the three to know when they were clever just as he forgives John, Annabel, and Georgie for being very harsh with them just before the three get ready for dinner.

Later, a lot of stuff from the Banks family's house is being loaded onto the transport truck while Jane explains to Jack that her rally plan to keep the house from being repossessed was unsuccessful as it is almost midnight while Jack approaches Mr. Binnacle, bidding him a farewell while Michael and Jane share their final moments with the house before it becomes repossessed, just as Ellen, John, Annabel, and Georgie follow along. As Georgie finds Michael's childhood kite and while looking at the family photo patched up on the kite, the writing on the back of the photo is revealed to be none other than the share certificate which Michael was looking for the whole time, leading Michael John, Annabel, and Georgie to return to the bank by midnight as they are seven minutes before midnight to which Mary plans to help stall the clock from reaching 12:00 midnight while Mary offers Jack and the lamplighters to help them stop time.

Meanwhile at the bank, Wilkins, Gooding, and Frye are waiting until the stroke of midnight before the Banks family's house becomes repossessed, causing the 12:00 midnight hour to be stalled, much to Wilkins' worry just as Gooding and Frye later notice that Jack reactivated the Big Ben's lights albeit the hands showing minutes away from 12:00 midnight to prevent the house from being repossessed while Admiral Boom and Mr. Binnacle fire their cannon to mark the hour of 12:00 midnight after Michael shows the share certificate in time to which it is then found out that the certificate is still valid, even during the deadline. Wilkins then tells Michael and his children that his home is now repossessed just as Michael tells Wilkins to take the house only for the plan to be halted by Mr. Dawes Jr. who tells Wilkins that he had been trying to cheat on the Banks family out of their shares in the bank itself confronting him for his suspicious plans to repossess the Banks family's house at Cherry Tree Lane just as he tells Wilkins that the Banks family's trust innovated this bank, furious with him that he betrayed the Banks family just as Gooding and Frye escort Wilkins out for his betrayal, cancelling his plan to repossess the Banks family's house. With Wilkins taken away, Mr. Dawes Jr. celebrates with a reprise of "Trip a Little Light Fantastic" with Mary, John, Annabel, Georgie, and Bert just as the Michael and his family happily receive their house back.

With the house saved from repossession, Michael, John, Annabel, Georgie, Jane, Ellen, and Mary happily walk across Cherry Tree Lane where they arrive at the park at Cherry Tree Lane. Arriving there, they encounter the Balloon Lady singing the musical number "Nowhere to Go But Up" just as Michael obtains a balloon from her followed by John, Annabel, and Georgie obtaining more balloons from her just as Jane, Jack, Ellen, Admiral Boom, Mr. Binnacle, the Lamplighters, and everyone else having fun with balloons together. The Balloon Lady later gives Mary one last balloon to which she tells Mary that the balloon must be hers to which she tells her that it is. That evening, Michael, Jane, John, Annabel, Georgie, and Ellen happily return home happy to have their home back while Mary Poppins allows a balloon to float away. As the Banks family and Ellen return home, Mary Poppins leaves Cherry Tree Lane bidding a farewell to the Banks family. Later, Jack happily sings a reprise of "(Underneath the) Lovely London Sky" across the streets of Cherry Tree Lane just as Mary is seen holding her umbrella with her leaving Cherry Tree Lane to mark the end of the film.

Other appearances

In the short "The Cat That Looked at a King", the sidewalks of Cherry Tree Lane where Bert performed at as well as the park behind the sidewalks also appear where Julie Andrews (in modern clothes) sees two children looking at the painting just as Julie takes the children to a painting where a white cat who becomes an animated version of herself encounters an animated king.


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