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You look as beautiful in that dress as your mother did, on our wedding day.
―Chief Chilkoot[src]

Chief Chilkoot is a minor character in Disney's 2006 animated feature film Brother Bear 2, the sequel to the 2003 film Brother Bear. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Kind, warm, and accepting, and very supportive of his daughter, even when her heart leads her to make choices that are different than what he wanted for her. He first shows up when Nita is preparing for her wedding to Atka, telling her that she looked as beautiful in her mother's wedding dress as her mother had. Later, at the second wedding attempt, he shows concern over the fact that she doesn't seem happy. When she chooses to stay with Kenai and Koda, he tells her that no matter what she decides, she will always be his daughter, and he will always love her no matter what.

Role in the film[]

Chilkoot is first seen going to see Nita on the day of her wedding to Atka. Upon seeing her wearing her late mother's wedding dress, Chilkoot says that Nita looks as beautiful in it as her mother did. When Nita says that she wished her mother was here, Chilkoot replies that she is and points at her heart and says that when you love someone, they stay in your heart forever. Later as Nita and Atka prepare to marry, Chilkoot and the other villagers witness The Great Spirits create an earthquake to separate the two (due to the Great Spirts considering Nita to be betrothed to her childhood friend Kenai (who know lives as a bear) after he gave her his amulet).

After Nita burns the amulet and prepares to again marry Atka, she realises that she loves Kenai and tells Chilkoot that she cannot marry Atka.

After Nita decides to remain with Kenai and Koda, Chilkoot accepts her decision. He then witnesses Nita is turned into a bear by the Great Spirits.


  • It is unknown if Chilkoot is the brother of Siqiniq and Taqqiq or if he's their brother-in-law.
  • Chilkoot was originally planned to be Kenai's father[1].



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