Chip Whistler is a character from the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. He is the CEO of Wholesome Foods and a main antagonist for Cricket Green and his friends and family.



Chip Whistler is a cocky and arrogant man whose only concern seems to be making money. He always feels the need to get even with, or outdo the "competition" which he believes he can due to his money. He can be rather petty as seen in "Feud Fight" where after he attacked Cricket with a tomato (after he had ceased fighting) Chip was quick to gloat his "victory" only for everyone to turn on him for attacking a child. He is also quite vain as after shaking hands with Bill Green, he was put off by Bill's missing finger to the point that he had to wipe his hands afterwards. As Tilly states at the end of "Supermarket Scandal", "his name fits his mouth", due to his chipped tooth.


Chip is a tall orange skinned man, presumably in his forties. He has neatly combed blonde hair with browning sideburns and a long soul patch on his chin. He constantly has his sunglasses rested on his head and wears a bluetooth headset in his ear all the time. Chip fashion is a laid back vegan design of a turquoise button up shirt, brown pants that are rolled up to the hem and sandals. He also seems to wear a beaded anklet. While he is usually seen with perfect teeth, he has a large chip in the center of it after having accidentally eaten a fake apple, though he continues to repair it.


  • Much of his antagonism towards the Greens (and other related people) is purely his own fault. As a matter of fact, Bill Green seems totally oblivious to the fact that there is any animosity.
  • He has filled his chipped tooth with composite resin and indestructible bonded polymer, which according to him is very toxic, "but worth it."
  • Contrarily, his father is the total opposite of him; calm, friendly and a hard worker who expects the best out of people.

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