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"Chipocalypse Now" is the fifty-first episode of Big City Greens.


Chip Whistler has demolished the buildings around the Greens' house to build a new Wholesome Foods store for his expansion plan, and the Greens' house is his final target; to save their home and their legacy, Cricket must rally the Greens and their neighbors to fight for what's right.


Following the events of the previous episode, the Greens are in a panic over Chip Whistler's plan to demolish their home after Big Coffee has been bought up. They are further horrified to learn that the tenants in the apartment complex next door have been kicked out. Big Coffee and the apartment are destroyed and a giant Wholesome Foods is built, with the grocery store built to shadow over the Greens' house. While Cricket, Tilly, Nancy and Gramma Alice decide to fight for their home, Bill has had enough and decides to move on. Cricket, Tilly and Alice cause trouble inside the Wholesome Foods and are caught by Gloria who has decided to work there after losing her job and points the Green’s fued with Chip got Big Coffee shut down. Despite their pleas, Gloria has them removed from the store. Chip reveals that he plans to eventually have their house demolished to make way for a parking lot, but has to wait until tomorrow, per Mayor Hansock's rule. Bill once again tells the family that he is unwilling to fight as he has lost too much already, but Cricket, Tilly and Nancy agree to go through the proper channels while Alice fortifies the house.

Cricket, Tilly and Nancy arrive at the Mayor's office, but discover Chip is there as well. They manage to get in first and the Mayor seems to sympathize with their plight. Unfortunately, Chip claims that he has gained numerous signatures from the residents of Big City who all want them gone. Nancy grabs his tablet to verify the claims and a fight breaks out. The Mayor calls in the police, lead by Officer Keys, who arrest Nancy as the tablet breaks. Bill angrily comes to pick up the kids and informs them that he does not want anymore trouble from them and that they will move out regardless. While at home, Cricket gets an email from Chip's tablet; actually from Nancy when she had it. They look at the signatures and are distraught to learn that they are from people that they know, leading them to believe that nobody likes them. Cricket is further angered when he sees that Remy is one of the signatures.

Cricket and Tilly go and confront Remy for his supposed betrayal, but he claims that he has no idea what they are talking about. He deduces that the signatures have all been faked and that the answers are most likely in Chip's office at the Wholesome Foods store. The kids rush back to tell them what they have learned, but Bill is still unwilling to fight and prepares packing. Cricket and Remy plan to sneak into the building and find the truth while Alice and Tilly fight off the demolishers who have come early to destroy the house. During the fight, Remy calls in Vasquez to aid in defending the Greens. Cricket and Remy find the elevator to the top floor, but run into Gloria. Cricket eventually convinces her to help them while she fights off one of Chip's goons. Unfortunately, she gets beaten up, but drags the goon down the trash chute with her.

Maria Media reports on the event taking place, during which Tilly finally talks some sense into Bill and her speech is broadcast all over the city. Keys takes pity on Nancy and overturns her conviction before they grab the Mayor. Cricket and Remy find Chip's computer and look through the files where they discover that the signatures are all registered to the same IP address. Chip is informed of the break in and catches the two, but Remy distracts his guards while Cricket escapes to the roof. Chip appears in his helicopter and destroys the proof just as the Mayor arrives. However, the residents of Big City arrive and defend the Greens; admitting that they like them despite their imperfections. The Mayor subsides and bans Chip from Big City. Angered, he attempts to destroy them, but his helicopter gets caught on a powerline and he is launched far away; breaking his tooth in the process.

Everything is back to normal with both buildings beside the Greens' house rebuilt, though Big Coffee is still closed. As the Greens relax, Gloria suddenly arrives. She informs them that since she lost her job a second time, she can no longer afford her apartment and has decided to move in with them, leaving the Greens perplexed.


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  • This is the first episode of 2021.
  • This episode continues events from "Chipwrecked" and it is not the season 2 finale.
  • The episode's title is a reference to the 1979 film Apocalypse Now, as well as two episodes of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, "Hip Hopocalypse Now" and "Aplopalypse Now".
  • This episode features a corrupted version of the theme song which has a dour tone and features Chip Whistler prominently.
    • This is the second Disney channel show to have a corrupted version of the theme song, the first was Gravity Falls with "Weirdmageddon", with all three episodes containing a twisted version of the intro.
  • The mayor of Big City is introduced in this episode.
  • Cricket does a reference to the events of "Space Chicken".
  • This episode marks the first time Nancy Green meets Chip Whistler as well as the first time Gloria Sato, Chip Whistler and Nancy Green are all present in the same episode.
  • This episode marks the fourth time someone other than Cricket says "bingo-bango," in this case, Chip. The other three were Nancy in "Uncaged", Alice in "Friend Con", and Remy in "Gabriella's Fella".
  • Big Coffee and the Elkins Apartment are temporarily demolished, but eventually rebuilt; this also means the Greens lost their rooftop garden which helped expand their farming in "Level Up".
  • Mr. Grigorian and Brett appear for the first time in Season 2, and for the first time since the Season 1 finale "Cricket's Place"/"Volunteer Tilly".
  • Kiki Kitashima, Brett Eze, Weezie Eastman, Alucard Grigorian, and Community Sue Lanemoto's full names are revealed.
  • Chip Whistler has been banned from Big City.
    • Ariel Vracin-Harrell seemed to imply through her artwork on twitter that Chip Whistler was gone for good.[1]
  • Big Coffee is now vacant.
    • During the credits the image of the interior of Big Coffee (which shows a spilled cup and sign reading "Pardon Our Spill") has been replaced with an image of a vacant Big Coffee, the logo ripped from the wall, and a sign for Don & Dawn Realtors reading "Rent This Space".
  • Gloria Sato now lives with the Greens.
  • In airings of the episode in Portugal, the traditional intro is used instead of the corrupted version. Despite this, the audio of the corrupted intro can clearly be heard.
  • Moral:
    • Don't run from your problems, it's best to stand up for what's right.
    • Your friends and family are no doubt worth fighting for.

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  1. "Ariel Vracin-Harrell Twitter Post". Twitter (January 16, 2021).

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