Ned Ludd: "Where'd you come from, handsome?"
Chris: "The world's most advanced genetic lab."
―Ned Ludd confronts Chris[src]

Chris is an antagonist in Big Hero 6: The Series. He is an assistant to Liv Amara.

Role in the series

Chris first appears in "Internabout", where he meets Hiro Hamada and his friends. He appears to be especially fond of Wasabi, who enjoys Chris's sushi and chipper demeanor. Chris explains the technology behind the Sycorax name tags and joins the group on their tour through the company.

In "Prey Date", Chris joins Liv on a visit to Frederickson Manor, where she talks business with Mrs. Frederickson.

In "Nega-Globby", it is revealed that Chris has some superhuman abilities, as he swiftly destroys one of Professor Granville's security bot with one punch while infiltrating the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. He then steals a sample of Globby's glob, which Liv uses to create her own glob monster. Chris later goes to feed this new creation, but then, the monster breaks loose.

In "Muira-Horror!", Chris displays even more impressive abilities. While tucking Bessie, an electro-magnetic meteorite, into a magnet-canceling box, Chris comments on how absurd it is that Amara is actually calling Bessie by its name. Amara follows up by saying, "I named you," hinting that Chris could be her creation.

In "Something Fluffy", he is later present with Liv in her lab, where they create adorable creatures called Mayoi. Soon, hordes of Mayoi appear around San Fransokyo, but later, they grow into monstrous proportions due to Mr. Sparkles (who now partnered up with Liv and her plot to gain the public's faith in Sycorax) taking control of them. But then, Liv arrives, along with Chris and Karmi, to restore the Mayoi back into their infantile state.

In "Lie Detector," he sees Liv struggling with a subject in a cryostasis tube, Chris offers her one of his gold-flaked cupcakes. Upon seeing that gold is what she needs to help the subject. Chris then tries to calm frustrated Liv down after she failed attempt to acquire gold through her mutated henchmen is thwarted by Big Hero 6, then watches as Liv plans to make use of energy from Bessie. she later gives him an assignment before leaving on her meeting, and Chris heads into Muirahara Woods that evening to lure a bear out with honey. After struggling with the animal, he manages to acquire fur and bring it to Sycorax, where he and Liv fuse Bessie with bear DNA to create a bear-like rock monster allowing it to magnetic blasts cripple Big Hero 6's technology and escape with all the gold.


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