Christopher "Chris" Diamantopoulos (pronounced De-uh-men-top-poll-us) is a Canadian actor. He is best known for his roles in Law & Order, Up All Night, The Office, Silicon Valley and for portraying Moe Howard in the 2012 film reboot of The Three Stooges. He also voiced Master Eon in the Skylanders spin-off television series Skylanders Academy.

For Disney, he currently voices Mickey Mouse for the 2013 Mickey Mouse television shorts series (in place of Mickey's usual voice actor Bret Iwan) and in The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse and Storkules, Darkwing Duck (replacing Jim Cummings) and Hades (replacing James Woods) in the DuckTales reboot. He also voiced Brock Thunderstrike on Tangled: The Series and Ed Zecutive on Big City Greens.

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