Christmas Wishes is the name that has been used for Tokyo DisneySea's annual Christmas event since 2010, replacing Harborside Christmas.

Main Christmas shows

  • Christmas Wishes, 2010 & 2011: Centered around the deeds of Christmas sprites, small snow-like fairies who create Christmas spirit and grant Christmas wishes. The 2010 version displayed a series of unrelated events, while in 2011, the show centered around Mickey thinking of a wish to make to the sprites, while all his friends made wishes of their own.
    • Introduction Version A: The Christmas sprites put on a show with snowflakes and ice. / Version B: Mickey professes his belief in the Christmas sprites, and while walking with Pluto, finds himself surrounded by them.
    • Scene 1 Version A: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy wonder what to buy their friends for Christmas, when they find Santa needing some help before making his rounds for Christmas. / Version B: Donald wishes to meet Santa, but he's extremely busy and thinks he's there to help the elves make and pack the presents.
    • Scene 2 Version A: Minnie, Daisy, and Clarice shop for special Christmas fashions. / Minnie wishes for the perfect dress for the Christmas Eve party, so her friends take her out shopping.
    • Scene 3 Version A: Chip 'n' Dale make a snowman, whose wish for freedom brings it to life. / Version B: Max makes a snowman and wishes he could be friends with it, bringing it to life.
    • Scene 4 Version A: The cast sings about the importance of being with family on Christmas. / Version B: Mickey realizes his wish has already come true - to spend Christmas with his family and friends.
    • Finale: Mickey and Minnie dance on ice skates surrounded by the sprites.
  • Colors of Christmas, 2012: Mickey and his friends visit the town Christmas tree to try out a local legend, sending their wishes to the tree and making it light up with happiness. From there, they decorate it with their own personal touch to tell everyone in town about what happened. The Christmas tree is displayed on the LCD cone normally used for Fantasmic!. Unlike Christmas Wishes, Colors of Christmas also features Duffy and Shellie May.

Meet & Greet shows

Other shows & events

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