Chrona is the main protagonist in the online Disney game Hidden Worlds. She is the leader of the Inklings, and helps the player along in the journey.


Chrona's father was an inventor, who is presumed to be deceased due to her wistful tone when mentioning him. At some point, she stumbled upon the land of the inklings and became their leader.

The inklings can create anything using imagination, one day she wished that she would have more adventure in her life, and an inkling interpreted that as to create a villain named Sez, that would threaten the worlds that Chrona would have to stop.

She enlists the players' help, to stop the evil creature threatening the different Disney worlds, and to restore balance using imagination and quick thinking. She traverses all the various Disney worlds with a blimp, with a large magnifying glass, so she can see which worlds are in danger from Sez.


Chrona seems extremely headstrong, and independent. She's extremely helpful and willing to give out tips on how to navigate through the worlds. She sometimes had little patience for the inklings mistakes, but always tries to remain calm and collected.

Physical appearance

Chrona appears to be in her early 20's, she has emerald green eyes, and very long brown hair that's presented in a similar way to Jasmine's.

She also wears steampunk-esque goggles and red suspenders, with a beige shirt. Her tool belt contains items like paint brushes and cogs, to help in the adventures.


Concept Art

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