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A glowing, spinning, metallic sphere inside the chamber of the Grand Clock that powers all time.
―Official description

The Chronosphere is a glowing, spinning, metallic sphere that allows the person who possesses it to travel the Ocean of Time to the past. It is located inside the chamber of the Grand Clock in Time's Castle, as seen in Alice Through the Looking Glass.


Alice Through the Looking Glass

The Chronosphere is located inside the chamber of the Grand Clock in Time's castle, where the White Queen advises Alice to use it to travel back in time to find the Hatter's family and save him from the risk of death. As Alice arrives at Time's Castle, Alice approaches Time who asks him to know if she can borrow the Chronosphere, but Time denies, warning her that she could alter the past, the present, and the future in case she does so. Later when the Red Queen goes into a conversation with Time and Wilkins, Alice sneaks off to get the Chronosphere in its usual spot without getting caught by Time. After Alice grabs it, a blast occurs in Time's Castle, where Time and Wilkins react to what Alice did to the Chronosphere. Suddenly, the Seconds approach the spot where Alice is at as they form into monstrous-looking forms known as "Minutes" where they attempt to stop Alice from taking the Chronosphere. As the Minutes approach her, Alice uses the Chronosphere to escape where the Chronosphere appears in full-size. Alice then boards it just before the Minutes catch her, but one Second hangs onto the Chronosphere, flinging it away, as Alice uses the Chronosphere to travel to the Ocean of Time.

Later after Alice vanishes, Time warns Wilkins that without the Chronosphere, the Grand Clock of All Time will break down, Time will stop, and all of Underland will perish, so Time plans to retrieve the Chronosphere from Alice before everything else stops.

Alice then boards the Chronosphere to travel to the Ocean of Time where she notices images of several past events occurring to which when Alice attempts to travel to the past Horunvendush Day event, Time stops her and warns Alice that she cannot escape from Time nor win against him, demanding her to give him back the Chronosphere inmediately before everything else stops. Alice manages to evade Time by travelling to the past Toomalie Day event. After learning of the Hatter's loss of his family in the event, Alice uses the Chronosphere again to travel to the Fell Day event.

After Alice arrives at the past Fell Day event and remembers that the names of the Hightopp family are not displayed in the Underlandians Deceased section, Time arrives at the Fell Day event, warning Alice that history will be erased if she does not return the Chronosphere back to him, demanding her to give it back to him. Alice then explains to Time that she will only use the Chronosphere one last time to find the Hatter's missing family during the past Horunvendush Day, to which Time warns that she will rescue no one, explaining to Alice that he will find her wherever she arrives at a past event, believing that she might alter the timeline of Underland as Time tells her that the Grand Clock must be active, giving her a warning that she cannot escape Time. Alice manages to escape Time via mirror, much to Time's worry but suddenly finds herself in an asylum.

After Alice escapes from Dr. Bennet by countering his action by using his own syringe against him, Alice grabs the Chronosphere, much to Helen's shock of what Alice did to the doctor just as Alice escapes from a group of asylum workers and then she uses a carriage to return to the Ascots' residence to return to Underland via mirror. Alice then uses the Chronosphere to return back to Underland where she ends up at the Ocean of Time again where Alice successfully travels to the past Horunvendush Day event without getting caught by Time. When Alice travels there, she passes by the Jabberwocky which suddenly roars at her as the Chronosphere arrives at the town of Witzend being burned by the Jabberwocky's fire-breathing. Alice then realizes that the Hightopp family is not dead but rather captured by the Red Queen as Alice uses the Chronosphere to return to the present timeline to ask the Hatter that his family is still alive.

Later after saving the Hatter from dying and Alice and her friends arrive at the Red Queen's lair, Tarrant finally finds his missing family albeit shrunk into the size of ants to which as the Red Queen arrives, she sends in two Vegetable Soldiers to seize her as the two guards give her the Chronosphere. With Alice and her friends held hostage by the Vegetable Guards, the Red Queen uses the Chronosphere in a plan to travel to the past, to which Alice warns her that she cannot change the past, just like what Time told her, to which she denies, much to her plans. Later after a Vegetable Servant rescues Alice and her friends from the cage where Alice's friends are discussing about what to do before Underland perishes to which Alice devises a plan to return Time to his castle while she and the Hatter plan to retrieve the Chronosphere and restore order to the universe.

Arriving back at the Fell Day event via Chronosphere, the present Iracebeth and Mirana arrive at the area where they see the past younger versions of themselves not getting along with each other to which Mirana realized that she lied to her about what she did to her sister, much to the present Iracebeth's fury just before she is encrusted into time rust, causing the present Miranah to drop the Chronosphere. After Alice and the Hatter arrive there, Alice grabs the Chronosphere and plans to use it to escape, due to the time rust approaching. Back at Time's Castle, Time explains to Alice's friends that the Red Queen has caused a catastrophe across Underland while Wilkins tells him that only the Chronosphere can help save the universe. Alice, the Hatter (with his family), the White Queen, and the Red Queen (turned into time rust) travel back to the Ocean of Time where the four escape from the time rust engulfing all of Underland due to the catastrophe that the Red Queen caused.

Arriving back at Time's Castle, the Grand Clock of All Time is in the process of being broken down as Alice as the group arrives back at Time's Castle where Wilkins suddenly notices the Chronosphere finally back inside. Alice grabs the Chronosphere and rushes to the spot where the Chronosphere is to be housed at as the time rust continues engulfing everything else in Underland. Alice manages to return the Chronosphere to its usual spot, but ends up getting engulfed by the time rust as everything else is Underland is now engulfed by the time rust.

Suddenly, a spark appears, connecting the Chronosphere to its proper spot, restoring everything encrusted by the time rust in Underland back to life (especially the Grand Clock of All Time). After the White Queen and the Red Queen apologize to each other and Tarrant finally reunites with his family, Alice then apologizes to Time for the disaster she caused to which he accepts Alice's apology just before leaving Underland back to the real world.

Other appearances

In the discontinued video game Disney Crossy Road, a life-sized Chronosphere appears in the Alice Through the Looking Glass world where players can use the Chronosphere to cross roads with moving obstacles and to help evade the time rust faster.



  • The word "chronosphere" is made of the union of the word "chrono", that means "time", referring to the object powers, and the word "sphere", referring to its shape.
  • The Chronosphere does not exist in Lewis Carroll's stories. It is an invention of screenwriter Linda Woolverton to allow the time travel plot of the film.
  • The Chronosphere prop used in the film resembles the film prop of the Golden Snitch used in the Harry Potter movies. The open version of the Chronosphere meanwhile resmbles the film prop of the Time-Turner, also from the Harry Potter movies.

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