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Charles "Chucky" Albertson is a twelve-year-old boy who got injured trying to copy Iron Weasel's signature move, the move, the "Weasel Slap", in I'm in the Band. He hates being called "Chucky", due to it rhyming with Sucky. He likes Izzy because she reminds him of his mother. Charles tried to to get revenge on Iron Weasel for humiliating him on live TV, by calling him "Chucky", causing him to throw a temper tantrum. Since Iron Weasel has a record deal with his stepfather, he appears more often.

He first appears when Iron Weasel creates a move that injures him, and they were forced to obey him due to not wanting more bad publicity, until they make him throw a tantrum on live TV, by calling him "Chucky" in their song.

He later appears when they are babysitting him, and they almost lose their recording deal because they don't have a song to record for their album, but he just ends up giving them an idea for the song to save their recording deal (and Tripp calls him "Chucky").

He makes a 3rd appearance when they babysit him again, but he goes missing, and they must find him due to thinking that Simon knew he ran away.

He makes a 4th appearance when they torture him because they think he stole their advance money for their new album.


  • He's Simon Craig's stepson.
  • He had his first appearance in "Slap Goes the Weasel".
  • He returns in "Chucky's Revenge".
  • His enemies are Tripp, Burger, Ash, and Derek.
  • He makes a cameo in "Trippnotized".


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