Chugwater is a location seen in Home on the Range, presumably derived from the Wyoming town of the same name.


It is a town where Sheriff Sam Brown, his dog Rusty, and his horse Buck resided. The town has a bank where they send a bank notice to Pearl Gesner, the owner of Little Patch of Heaven, to pay $750 in three days or else she'll have to sell it. Maggie, Grace and Mrs. Calloway also arrive to find Buck and Rusty and show them the notice that the bank sent to Pearl earlier. Rico also later arrives carrying a wanted poster and brings it to Sam, claiming he wants the reward if he captures the outlaw. There is also a saloon where the cows accidentally entered, thinking the star on the door was the Sheriff's office.

At the end of the film, Buck, Rusty and the Sheriff move into Little Patch of Heaven, following the arrest of Alameda Slim and saving Pearl's farm using Slim's reward money.

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