Seventeen years prior to their 1950 feature film version, Walt Disney Productions developed a possible short film version of Cinderella that was to have been a part of the Silly Symphonies series. Burt Gillett was attached to direct. 

Gag suggestions

Along with a story treatment, Walt sent a list of suggested opportunities for gags around the studio in order to help his animators brainstorm them. 

Suggestons on the list included: 

  • Methods of Cinderella helping her stepfamily dress.
  • Different objects being used as wheels for the pumpkin coach.
  • Objects being used as an imaginary prince by Cinderella in pantomine.
  • Methods of the stepsisters hiding Cinderella from the Prince.
  • Methods by which Cinderella's animal friends reveal where she is hidden
  • Methods of the stepsisters trying to cram their feet into the slipper.
  • Different settings and or backgrounds for Cinderella and the prince's waltz.

A complete collection of submitted gag ideas was assembled on December 14, 1933.


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