Clamantha is a clam and a student at Freshwater High. She is obsessed with Oscar, who has a crush on Bea. She is friends with Shellsea, Esmargot, Koi, Bea, and Finberley and is the rival of Clamanda.


Clamantha is the head cheerleader of the Freshwater High Cheerleading Squad. She is very optimistic about everything. According to her Fishbook profile, she spends most of her time memorizing the cheerleading choreography. But she was once shown being a cheerleader. She enjoys spending time with her friends and "chasing Oscar", her crush. She has a shrine dedicated Oscar in her locker, and Oscar has one dedicated to Bea. She is seen many times trying to pretend to be somebody else, usually trying to trick somebody, and always gets caught sooner or later. She is also very childlike as shown by the fact that her door is covered in unicorns and rainbows, while her room is full of dolls including the giant one that makes up her bed. She is also very violent at times such as when "Webster" stopped talking to her she assumed he hated her and broke her heart causing him to break him entirely by throwing him out of the tank. Clamantha also tends to be dumb and stupid as seen in many episodes. Clamantha also is a little disgusting and doesn't have any manners, like in the cafeteria. Clamantha also can be clueless. Her voice sounds very naingy, to the point where she's a terrible singer.


  • She is voiced by Alex Hirsch, one of the Fish Hooks developers.
  • Clamantha is still trying to find the right guy out of all the ones she dated, unlike other girls.
  • In Fish Sleepover Party, Clamantha tortured Oscar and Milo for sneaking to their party because she didn't know it was them.
  • Clamantha's catchphrase is "I'm a clam!", which she says throughout the series.
  • She has a band called "Clamantha and the Shiny Objects".
  • Clamantha has her own pink car and drives, even though she doesn't have any hands.
  • When Oscar was about to rescue Clamantha, she said she's in "Clam Heaven".
  • She likes polka music.
  • She uses her tongue for stuff that hands are needed for .
  • One of Clamantha's eyes rarely works.
  • Clamantha sometimes floats.
  • Clamantha appears less in Season 2, possibly because her voice actor, Alex Hirsch, is busy with the Disney Channel animated series, Gravity Falls.
  • Clamantha can eat anything with a fork in Doris Flores Gorgeous.
  • She spits out pearls a lot.
  • Clamantha is allerigc to polka and the circus.

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