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Clank and Bobble are characters from the Disney Fairies franchise. They are a pair of bumbling tinker fairies and Tinker Bell's first friends.



Clank and Bobble are a dynamic duo of fairies who show great pride in being tinkers, unlike Tinker Bell at first. With a brotherly relationship, they are both fairly intelligent but are also on the bumbling side. Some of their favorite activities include tinkering and, of course, magic tricks. They also enjoy a good show at the Fairy Tale Theater. They are also the only fairies to reside together in the same home tree.

Out of the two, Clank is far more dimwitted but is very sweet and sympathetic. Like Bobble, he enjoys being a tinker and is on the more goofy side. He also has a fear of glaciers. Bobble appears to be slightly more intelligent than his friend and a bit craftier. Unlike Clank, however, Bobble tends to be accident-prone, often a victim of some kind to his own inventions.

Overall, both Clank and Bobble serve as comic relief in the Tinker Bell films.


Tinker Bell[]

In the first film, when a new member joins the Tinker fairies, Clank and Bobble are the first to meet and befriend this newcomer, Tinker Bell. They also act as the "Welcome Committee" for the tinker fairies and show Tinker Bell the ropes of being a tinker. Despite their friendly ways toward Tink, she dislikes her talent as one of the other fairies (Vidia, a fast-flying fairy) who believes the tinkers are the most useless of the fairies. When Tinker Bell expresses her embarrassment at being a tinker to Clank and Bobble, the duo is obviously offended. However, after accidentally destroying half of Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell gains help from Clank and Bobble as they work together to restore their home in time for the fairies to travel to the Main Land to change the season.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure[]

In the second film, Clank created an invention he called a firework launcher. The launcher shoots light crystals and flowers into the air when the spring is tightened and the trigger is thrown. Clank and Bobble were also impressed by the play about the Mirror of Incanta performed at Fairy Tale Theater.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue[]

In the third film, Clank and Bobble made their first appearance in the movie by crash-landing a dove full of supplies into a fairy camp. Later in the movie, they helped build a ship which they sailed with Tink's other friends to rescue her.

The Pixie Hollow Games[]

In the television special, Clank and Bobble served as sportscasters for the games, as the teams competed.

Pixie Preview[]

Clank and Bobble appears in a handful of these comedic short films based on the Tinker Bell films.

Clank and Bobble made a brief cameo in "Rosetta's Garden: Lesson Three", where they demonstrate a much easier method of growing fairy gold flowers - their invention of a special fairy gold flower carpet which only needs pixie dust to grow them - therefore defeating the entire purpose of Rosetta's gardening class.

Clank and Bobble are the main focus of the short "Magic Tricks". In front of the Pixie Dust Mill, Clank is showing Bobble some magic tricks. He first take a coin from behind Bobble and transforms it into a card. When asking if it is Bobble's card he answers that yes. Later he pulls closer a Basket of Mystery and says he will pull out a Bunny, but instead a crow appears. Bobble gets surprised and says it's a bunny in a crow costume.

Secret of the Wings[]


Clank and Bobble in Secret of the Wings

In Secret of the Wings, Clank and Bobble are seen weaving baskets that are to be sent over to the Winter Woods. During so, Tinker Bell expresses curiosity about the Winter Woods, but Clank and Bobble explain that warm fairies aren't allowed to ever cross the border because they'll surely freeze to death if they do (though Clank follows the law because he's afraid of glaciers). Later on, Tinker Bell briefly crosses while helping Fawn cross over animals for the season. When she did, her wings began to glow. The next day, Tink decides to stow away on one of the baskets. Clank and Bobble notice this and learn about Tink's intentions.

They decide not to alert Fairy Mary but are nonetheless incredibly worried for Tink's safety. That night, Clank and Bobble are visited by Tink who tells them about her sister that she met over in the Winter Woods. Clank and Bobble are taken away by the story and offer to help Tink create a machine that will allow Peri to cross over. Clank is sent out to find some supplies and the bumbling tinker informs: Rosetta, Vidia, Iridessa, Fawn, and Silvermist about Periwinkle as well. They all decide to help build the machine, which is completed by morning.

The next day, Clank, Bobble and Tinker Bell meet Periwinkle at the border and escort her over to the warm seasons. Powered by Bobble's peddling, the machine proves to be a success as Peri is taken on a tour through the seasons. Near the end of the tour, the heat overwhelms Peri, so the friends rush her back to the border where Lord Milori, the ruler of the Winter Woods, declares it to be too dangerous for Tink and Peri to continue seeing one another. Afterwards, Clank and Bobble notice the snow-making machine freezing parts of Pixie Hollow and struggle to destroy it.

Tink and the others arrive to lend a helping hand and the machine is destroyed. However, the already-done damage has thrown off the balance of the season. Pixie Hollow begins to become ice cold and the Pixie Dust Tree is in danger. Clank, Bobble, and the rest of the gang evacuate the kingdom. When everyone's safe, the frost fairies preserve the tree with their magic, saving it from death. When all is good, Queen Clarion and Lord Milori abolish the border law, so Tink and Peri are reunited. Clank and Bobble are last seen enjoying themselves in the Winter Woods. Bobble befriends the frost fairy Gliss while Clank overcomes his fear of glaciers with the help of the glacier talent fairy Slush.

The Pirate Fairy[]

Bobble was one of the fairies who had fallen asleep to the pollen while Clank had managed to "escape" and had spotted Zarina leaving and told Tink and her friends where she went. While Tinker Bell and her friends went to get the stolen Blue Pixie Dust back, Clank stayed behind to keep the snow-making machine running so the heat wouldn't damage the sleep winter fairies' wings.

Disney On Ice[]

Bobbie and Clank previously appeared in the Disney on Ice: Worlds of Enchantment show from August 21, 2008. to 2015.



  • Stefan Ellison aka Mr. Coat classified the duo as "a British Johnny Bravo & a Scottish Yakko Warner" because of their voice actors in his slam at Tinker Bell.

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