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Classic Loki: "In my timeline, everything proceeded correctly, my entire life, until Thanos attacked our ship."
Loki: "So, you didn't try to stab him?"
Classic Loki: "Certainly not."
―Classic Loki and Loki[src]

Classic Loki is a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that appears in the Disney+ series Loki. He is a Variant of Loki that lived in his predetermined path on the Sacred Timeline, but managed to survive his final encounter with Thanos by using an illusion to fake his own death. After many years in self-imposed isolation, he decided to look for his brother, but was captured by the Time Variance Authority and sent to the Void.


Classic Loki is a Loki from an alternate reality, who lived his life without deviating from his predetermined path on the Sacred Timeline, until the day Thanos attacked the spaceship of Asgardian refugees after the Ragnarok destroyed Asgard. He managed to survive his final confrontation with Thanos, because he didn't try to directly attack the Mad Titan with a dagger. Instead, this Loki used his magic to project an illusion of himself convincing enough to fool Thanos and fake his own death. He then hid as an inanimate debrid and drifted in space, away from Thor and the others. Thinking about his place in the universe, he realized that he only caused pain and decided to isolate himself at a remote planet. However, after many years isolated, he felt lonely and dearly missed his brother. When he tried to leave the planet, he created a nexus event which caused the Sacred Timeline to branch. So, he was captured by the Time Variance Authority and his reality was destroyed. He was then judged for his crimes against the Sacred Timeline and pruned, being sent to the Void.


Marvel Cinematic Universe


Classic Loki first appears during the middle credits scene of the fourth episode. He along with Kid Loki, Alligator Loki and Boastful Loki find the Variant of Loki that was recently pruned and sent to the Void by the TVA. As Loki wonders if he is dead and in Hel, Classic Loki tells him that he is still alive and invites him to join the other Lokis in order to survive.

In the fifth episode, Classic Loki informs Loki that they are in the Void, and the creature in the sky is called Alioth, before telling him that they should go or they will be eaten by the creature. Then, Classic Loki and the other Lokis walk fast while being questioned by Loki. As Loki asks repeatedly what they are doing and what is their plan, Classic Loki only replies that they have to keep moving or they will die. Loki asks what their plan is beyond not dying, as he expects them to always have a more elaborated plan because they are all Lokis.

Because the Loki Variants refuse to give him answers, Loki screams in frustration, but then the other Lokis finally decide to hear him. They explain to Loki that everything pruned by the TVA is transported to the Void and Alioth, a living tempest that consumes matter and energy, ensures that nothing will ever return. Classic Loki states that they are in a shark tank, and that the shark is Alioth. Alligator Loki growls upon hearing this, so Classic Loki turns to him and says that there are no alligator tanks and that the shark tank metaphor is better. Classic Loki then turns to Loki and explains that Alligator Loki is very sensitive as the other Lokis. Surprised by this, Loki asks Classic Loki if the alligator is also a Loki. When Classic Loki confirms this, Loki is perplexed but claims that he is willing to accept this fact.

When Loki asks why there are so many Lokis in the Void, Classic Loki tells him that Lokis are good at surviving. But when Loki asks if there is a way to escape the place because he needs to go back to the TVA, Classic Loki states that all of them made plans to escape the Void but never succeeded. Classic Loki tells him that the only thing left to do is surviving and then Kid Loki announces that they should keep moving. Loki is surprised to see Classic Loki and the other Lokis go after Kid Loki, so he asks why they would follow orders from a child. Classic Loki tells him to respect the boy because the Void is Kid Loki's kingdom as they continue to walk. The Loki Variants walk until they arrive at their hideout, the Loki Palace. As they enter, Classic Loki asks Loki why he wants to go back to the TVA so badly and Boastful Loki asks if Loki left his "glorious purpose" there, and Loki replies that he sort of did.

Loki says that he would like to hear Classic Loki's story.

Inside the hideout, they rest while they tell each other their stories. When Boastful Loki states that he killed both Iron Man and Captain America, and then acquired the Infinity Stones, Alligator Loki growls and Classic Loki explains that the alligator knows that Boastful Loki is lying. Then, Boastful Loki provokes the alligator by saying that at least his nexus event was not eating the neighbor's cat. Hearing this, the alligator jumps and attempts to bite him, but Loki and Classic Loki are able to grab Alligator Loki and throw him back into his pool. When Kid Loki asks Classic Loki to tell his story, Classic Loki states that nobody would like to know about it, but Loki says that he would. Because he knows that Thanos murders them after the Ragnarok, so Loki asks Classic Loki how he was able to live until old age.

Classic Loki: "I removed myself from the equation, landed on a remote planet and stayed there in isolation, in solitude for a long, long time."
Loki: "How did the TVA find you?"
Classic Loki: "I got lonely. To tell you the truth, I missed my brother. And I wondered if he missed me, if anybody else did. But as soon as I took my first steps to getting off the planet, the TVA arrived. Because we, my friends, have but one part to play, the God of Outcasts."
―Classic Loki and Loki[src]

Classic Loki explains that everything in his timeline happened as predetermined on the Sacred Timeline, but he survived Thanos' attack after the Ragnarok because he didn't try to stab the Mad Titan with a dagger like his other Lokis counterparts did. Instead, he casted a perfect projection of himself that was so real that even Thanos believed it. As the illusion died in his place, Classic Loki hid as inanimate debrid. He then drifted in space away from Thor and the others, while everybody thought that he was dead. After sometime drifting alone, he reflected about his life and his place in the universe, and realized that only pain followed him wherever he went. He concluded that the best solution was to isolate himself from everything, so he found a remote planet and stayed there from a long time, until he was old. When Loki asks how the TVA found him, Classic Loki tells him that eventually after so many years isolated, he felt lonely and wanted to see his brother again, but as soon as he attempted to leave the planet to go search for Thor, the TVA appeared and arrested him. Because of this, Classic Loki tells the others that they seem to have a single role on the Sacred Timeline, which is to always be the God of Outcasts and nothing more, and the other Lokis drink to this, agreeing with him.

Loki then decides that he should try again to find a way to return to the TVA. Classic Loki warns him that if he tries to leave, he will be killed by Alioth. But Loki replies that he does not care because dying was his destiny anyway. Loki finally reveals to them his reason for wanting to go back to the TVA, asking the other Lokis if they ever met a woman Variant Loki. Classic Loki replies that a female Loki would be terrifying, and Loki agrees and explains that Sylvie is different from them because she is trying to destroy the TVA instead of taking over it. Loki tells them that Sylvie needs him, so he will kill Alioth and go back to the TVA to find her, and asks for the other Lokis to help him. However, Classic Loki and the other Lokis laugh, because they think that it is impossible to kill Alioth. Loki becomes frustrated and attempts to leave the hideout alone, but at the entrance he runs into President Loki, who is accompanied by an army of Loki Variants.

Upon seeing President Loki, Classic Loki initially thinks that Loki led the enemy to them, but Boastful Loki reveals that he was the one who told their location to President Loki in order to gain the army of Lokis and overthrow Kid Loki to become the new king. However, Boastful Loki is betrayed when President Loki refuses to give him the army and the throne that he promised. As President Loki states that both the throne and the army are his, he is then betrayed by his own army that also want to claim the throne. President Loki then notices Alligator Loki and asks why they have an alligator. Classic Loki and Kid Loki tell him that the alligator is a Loki, while Alligator Loki jumps and bites off President Loki's hand. A battle starts inside the bunker with all Lokis fighting each other. While Kid Loki carries Alligator Loki away from the others, Classic Loki casts illusions of himself, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki and Loki, before using his magic to open a portal. Loki, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki and Classic Loki then leave through the portal while the projected illusions fight in their place, so they are able to escape from the Loki Palace unnoticed.

We lie and we cheat, we cut the throat of every person who trusts us, and for what? Power. Glorious power. Glorious purpose! We cannot change. We're broken, every version of us. Forever.
―Classic Loki[src]

Outside the hideout, Classic Loki vents his frustrations about the Lokis, exclaiming that all their versions are broken because they can't see more than their own ambitions and that they are destined to never change. Kid Loki supports Classic Loki by stating that whenever the Lokis try to fix themselves, they are sent to the Void to die. Loki explains to them that this is exactly why he needs to return to the TVA and find Sylvie. Classic Loki asks if Loki trusts Sylvie, and Loki replies that she is the only person that he really trusts. Loki states that he thinks that Sylvie is their only chance to stop the TVA. This convinces Kid Loki, so Classic Loki replies that he also agrees to help him face Alioth. Despite this, Classic Loki warns Loki that getting close to Alioth is too dangerous, so they will only guide him there but not help him fight the creature.

Classic Loki and the other Lokis plan how to defeat Alioth.

When they locate Alioth, they watch it from afar while trying to devise a way to defeat it. Alligator Loki growls and Loki thinks that the animal agrees with his plan, but Classic Loki tells Loki that the alligator is praying because he thinks that they are going to die. Then, they see a car approaching and become alarmed. Kid Loki warns Loki that it could be cannibalistic marauders or cannibalistic pirates, but Loki realizes that it is Sylvie, and runs to reunite with her. Loki introduces the other Lokis to Sylvie and Mobius, and Sylvie becomes surprised that the Lokis agreed to help Loki to kill Alioth. Kid Loki explains that he was not sure this would work, which Classic Loki and Alligator Loki seem to agree. Sylvie tells them that she plans to enchant Alioth.

Later, Classic Loki is sitting together with Mobius, Alligator Loki and Kid Loki around a fire. Mobius tells them that he does not remember the TVA arresting any alligator as a Loki Variant at the TVA and asks if the alligator is really a Loki. Classic Loki answers that that the alligator is green, so he should be a Loki. Mobius is not convinced and says that the alligator could be tricking them, although this would make him more likely to be a Loki. When Kid Loki asks what Mobius will do if he returns to the TVA, Mobius says that he will tell the truth to the people. Hearing this, Classic Loki tells Mobius that he seems to be turning against what he worked for his entire life too easily. But Mobius tells Classic Loki that it is never too late to change. Afterwards, when they are all planning their next actions, Loki decides to stay with Sylvie to help her to confront Alioth instead of returning to the TVA with Mobius. As Mobius is about to leave the Void using a TemPad he asks the other Lokis if any of them would like to go with him. Kid Loki replies that they will stay, and Classic Loki supports this by stating that the Void is their home and that they managed to survive so far. Classic Loki tells wishes Sylvie and Loki good luck and leaves accompanied by Kid Loki and Alligator Loki.

Classic Loki uses his magic to create a projection of Asgard.

However, while Sylvie and Loki are facing Alioth, Classic Loki decides to return to help the pair. As Loki tries to distract Alioth with his magic to give time for Sylvie to enchant it, he panics as Alioth continues to move towards Sylvie. She is saved when Classic Loki appears and casts a perfect projection of Asgard, which is convincing enough to lure Alioth away from Sylvie. Both Sylvie and Loki are impressed by Classic Loki's magic. Sylvie asks how Classic Loki is even casting such illusions, but Loki tells her that they are stronger than they realize. Alioth is distracted as it starts to devour the buildings of the Asgard projected by Classic Loki's magic. Eventually, Classic Loki becomes tired and is unable to maintain his projection as the magic requires too much from him, but he is able to buy enough time for Sylvie and Loki start to enchant Alioth together. As Classic Loki's illusion later fades, Alioth is able to find him. Classic Loki, however, does not retreat and is satisfied with his accomplishment, so he just laughs and screams "glorious purpose" while he is engulfed by Alioth, leaving only his golden horns behind. Thanks to Classic Loki's help, Sylvie and Loki have time to finally succeed in enchanting Alioth, making sure that his sacrifice was not in vain.


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