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Claw redirects here, for the villain of the Inspector Gadget films see Dr. Claw, for the Quack Pack character see The Claw

Claw is a mutate living in the Labyrinth. He is featured in the Disney animated television show, Gargoyles.



Claw was once a human whom Dr. Sevarius mutated at some point. The trauma from the metamorphosis, physical or otherwise, rendered him mute.

Claw lived with the other mutates for some time with Xanatos, until the connection between Xanatos and Sevarius was revealed. After that, he moved to the Labyrinth, where Fang bullied him into submission. Fearing Fang's abuse, Claw reluctantly aided in his coup in the Labyrinth but also freed Maggie after she pleaded to him, allowing her to seek help from the Manhattan Clan. After finally standing up for himself, Claw guarded the homeless residents of the Labyrinth with the other mutates.

He and the other mutates were later joined by the gargoyle clones, forming the Labyrinth Clan.

When Thailog stormed the Labyrinth to reclaim the clones, Claw made a stand and attacked Thailog, but he was held back by the clones who had quickly succumbed to Thailog's will.


Claw has all the typical characteristics of a mutate; bat wings that enable him to fly, a feline body giving him superhuman strength, and an electric eel's ability to create electrical charges. The source of the feline DNA used to create Claw was a tiger (Panthera tigris).

Despite his shy demeanor, Claw is physically the strongest of the mutates, perhaps even stronger than Wolf. He even managed to wrestle Thailog to the ground briefly, though he was roughed up by that encounter. ("Masque")

As for his personality, Claw tends to be somewhat cowardly and timid, though he shows the potential for change. He appears to be suffering from a case of PTSD, as he has not spoken since his transformation.

Future Tense

In Puck's "Future Tense" vision to Goliath, Claw was the last mutate still living in the Labyrinth and was a member of Brooklyn's resistance against Xanatos. He had lost his wings in some unknown battle and had grown older. He was killed alongside Matt Bluestone and Bronx. However, this was all a trick by Puck and didn't happen at all.



  • Claw was apparently mute, as he never spoke in any of his appearances, and communicated primarily through gesturing and crude sign language.
  • The exact reason is never clearly explained, though it is implied to have been due to trauma, as Maggie the Cat stated in "The Cage" that "he [hadn't] spoken since the transformation."
  • This may also suggest that Maggie knew him while still human.

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