Clerk Clara is a NPC in the discontinued online video game, Toontown Online. She is one of the two clerks working in the Toontown Central Goofy's Gag Shop (along with Clerk Clark). She can be found in Toontown Central's Gag Shop.

SOS Toon

Clara is also an NPC that you may have to rescue in the Sellbot VP Battle (Therefore, she is a SOS Toon). Completing the battle and rescuing her will give you her SOS Card, which is a 5-star Trap SOS.

When called upon, she will use Trapdoors to all Cogs in battle. Her Trapdoors deal a damage of 180, enough to destroy level 11 cogs.


  • Clara's Trap SOS requires a successful Lure Gag or Lure SOS to deal damage.
  • All Trap SOS Toons are Clerk NPCs that work in a Goofy's Gag Shop (Clara included)
  • Clerk Clara has the "rarest" and most damaging Trap SOS Card (Also being the strongest offensive SOS Card) Clara's Trap SOS is capable of dealing 180 damage to all Cogs if used.
  • When you go to the Trolley and finished it your first time, Clara will teach you how to shop for Gags (with a preview of every Squirt and Throw Gags) on your 2nd task.
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