Clerk Will is a Toon NPC Rabbit and a clerk in Donald's Dock's Goofy's Gag Shop.

SOS Toon

Clerk Will is also an SOS Toon toons have to rescue in the VP battle. He is a 3-star Trap SOS, and when called upon summons Trapdoors directly in front of all unlured cogs. His Trapdoors can do a damage of 50 for each trapped cog.

As with all Trap Gags, this will always activate before Lure Gags.


  • All Trap SOS Toons are Clerks (Clerk Penny, Clerk Clara, Clerk Ray, and himself)
  • Trap SOS do not trap cogs that are already Trapped or will be trapped (for that round).
  • Trap SOS Toons are the only offensive SOS Toons that do not use Level 6 Gags. These Toons use Trapdoors, which is a Level 5 Gag.
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