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The Cloak-Bot is a one of several frog-bot models produced . An individual that was sent to earth by King Andrias to eliminate Anne Boonchuy was a major antagonist in the third season of Amphibia.



It can speak in a robotic voice while also serve as King Andrias' assassin killer machine to terminate Anne, as well as pick up a copy of Cynthia Coven, all while avoiding detection from anyone else to prevent knowledge of its master's invasion from being exposed by its presence. Like Frobo, the robot is somewhat intelligent, as it can be seen laughing or making sassy remarks at its foes. However, its intelligence had limits as it was unable to understand Andrias request to obtain potato chips.

Physical appearance

This type has a silver and grey green paint job, is lanky and thin to quickly maneuver in urban areas, and has razor-sharp claws attached to 2 long arms. It has a horn that curves backwards at the top of its head. Its optics are normally bright red (though they can turn blue) and its normally horizontal pupils can change shape depending on its mood. It has tubes on its torso sides as well as 2 different size tubes attached to the blue light part and has long shoulder pads.

Powers and abilities

It has stealth mode that is an active camouflage which can hide itself from plain sight on Earth while walking around during daylight, however magnets can affect the camouflage systems and anything on that Frog-bot even when that camouflage is activated would be exposed. It's left claw could change into a plasma-based weaponry. When it's got badly damaged, it could do self repair by its claws that acted like blow torches.

Role in the series

In "The New Normal" after the Plantars and Anne get transported to Earth in order to escape King Andrias, Andrias sent the Frobot to Earth kill Anne but also to get him a copy of the Cynthia Coven book which Marcy had got Andrias hooked on. Upon arrival on Earth, it easily managed to locate Anne and the Plantars by using the sensors to scan the area of her energy signature, which was attained from the Calamity Box. At the supermarket, when in stealth mode the Frobot used it to attack Anne and Plantars, but they fought back discreetly to avoid unwanted from Anne's parents and other shoppers. Eventually, when Anne saw the lives of surrogate family being threated Anne uses her powers from the Calamity Box to punch the Frobot in the left section of the killer machine with her left fist. After taking damage the Frobot fled with his camouflage flickering on and off. Later, on a stormy night the Frobot is making repairs its body, deciding to redouble its efforts to terminate Anne at any cost.

In "Fight at the Museum", the Frobot was able to locate Anne and Plantars at Museum of Natural History through the use of seeing Sprig with one of the security cameras. The Frobot went through the building roof and immediately engaged in combat with the Anne and Plantars. After having its arm cut off by Hop Pop by dropping a guillotine and having a huge marine animal skeleton dropped on top of it, the Frobot is seen by curator of the Museum of Natural History Dr. Jan and the museum security guards. When the realized it had been detected by the adult human and Anne escaped its grasp again, the Frobot quickly fled the scene.

In "Temple Frogs," the Cloak-Bot was able to detect Anne's location at a Thai temple due to eavesdropping on a phone conversation between Anne and Dr. Jan. To avoid being seen in public again, the Cloak-Bot sent out dragonfly-like drones to attack Anne and the Plantars, only for them to get destroyed when Anne and the Plantars were aided by the people of the Thai community.

In "Anne-sterminator", the Cloak-Bot failed to destroyed Anne and even her family and the Plantars and was destroyed by self-destruct explosion.

In "Spider-Sprig", Robert Otto discovers Cloak-Bot's arm in the junkyard and uses it to fight Sprig.

In "All In", several more Cloak-Bots were produced to guard the hallway leading to the castle's shield generator.


  • Cloak-Bot is voiced by Troy Baker, who also voices Captain Grime.
  • Some closed captions mislabel it as Frobo.


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