Cloak and Camo are two chameleons who are supporting characters from Disney's The Wild.


Cloak and Camo are described as top secret camouflaging chameleons. Due to their camouflage, they can turn invisible to avoid getting spotted or seen by predators. For instance, to avoid getting caught by the wildebeests for escaping, Cloak, Camo, and the other chameleons make Nigel "levitate" without walking. Despite this, they and the other chameleons are shown to be sensitive to intense volcanic gas.

Role in the film

Upon looking at an arrow to find Ryan and listening to distant voices while overhearing the arguing voices, Benny finds out the voices arguing are Cloak and Camo, two chameleons fighting and arguing with each other as the other chameleons retreat. Samson asks the chameleons of why they led him here to find Ryan, to which Samson intervenes with the chameleons' argument to know if the wildebeests captured Samson in their masters' lair to which while overhearing the arguing chameleons, Samson’s thinks of an idea to rescue Ryan from the wildebeests just as Benny and the chameleons camouflage to help Samson rescue Ryan.

Meanwhile while talking to the wildebeests about a sacrifice, Nigel is ultimately carried away by something invisible while the zoo animals plan to escape the volcano. While escaping, Nigel floats over intense volcanic gas just as Cloak, Camo, and the other chameleons scurry and retreat, causing Nigel and Samson to be surrounded. Ultimately, the animals escape from the volcano except for Kazar who was crushed to death. When the animals are returning to the Central Park Zoo via boat, Cloak and Camo later appear dancing on the ship's helm with Larry dancing with the chameleons in his "camouflage" outfit with the other animals. Cloak and Camo also appear in the credits dancing with each other.



  • Their names are a reference to camouflage, an ability that chameleons use to confuse their predators.

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