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"Clothes Minded" is the fourth episode of the second season of Disney Channel's That's So Raven and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It aired on January 1, 2004. It was written by Edward C. Evans and directed by Sean McNamara.


Principal Lawler is sniffing around for something near the lockers while Eddie and Chelsea watch. Chelsea asks what he is doing, and Lawler explains (with his usual spittle) that someone has stolen a wheel of Parmesan cheese from the cafeteria. Lawler then adds that some students treat school like it is a big party. At that moment, Raven bursts into the hall, listening to her CD player and dancing around. Lawler tells her that her behavior, as well as her clothing, is inappropriate for school. Lawler rhetorically asks what should be done to resolve this situation. Raven then has a vision: Students are lining up to pick up new school uniforms. Raven asks if Lawler plans to institute a uniform policy. Lawler admits that he hadn't considered it, but thanks to Raven, he will. Principal Lawler introduces the new school uniforms, using Eddie and Chelsea as models. They are both unhappy with Raven, and say their current predicament is all her fault.

Later, the students have lined up to pick up their uniforms, just like in Raven's vision. Alana, Loca, and Muffy approach Mr. Lawler, saying that they don't need to wear these uniforms since they wear matching clothes every day. Lawler retorts that the less they focus on fashion, the more they can focus on their grades, then he leaves. Raven feels this is unfair and decides to protest this new policy. She proposes that tomorrow, everyone wears uniforms that are altered to their personal style. She rallies the entire student body behind her, and everyone cheers in support.

Meanwhile, Cory and William are going over the Baxter's mail. Cory notices that one of the envelopes is addressed to his rat, Lionel. It is a brand-new credit card. William explains that his parents use credit cards when they don't have cash. Cory and William then decide to have a little shopping spree with the card.

The following day at school, Raven enters the building wearing a fully accessorized uniform, but she ends up being the only one to have done so. Raven approaches Chelsea and asks why she didn't tell her she wasn't going to participate. Chelsea admits that she didn't want Raven to be upset with her. Eddie approaches and gives a similar explanation of why he isn't protesting. Raven is very disappointed in her best friends. At that moment, Mr. Lawler passes by and swiftly gives Raven detention for being out of dress code.

Raven enters the detention room, and sits in an empty seat, but ends up sitting in the middle of Alana, Loca, and Muffy. She panics, but Alana assures her they won't hurt her. Raven then notices that Alana and her posse are wearing altered uniforms, and is happy they supported her protest when her closest friends wouldn't. Alana then admits that Raven is braver than she expected, and thus, wants her in on their revenge scheme against Lawler. Loca opens her bag and reveals the missing Parmesan cheese wheel. Before Alana can say what she plans to do with it, Raven has a vision: The cheese wheel is in a vent, and the heat is making it melt and bubble, filling the school with a cheesy stink. Raven asks if Alana plans to make a stink bomb with the cheese. Muffy says that they were just planning to grate the cheese over pasta, but they decide to do Raven's idea. With Loca's "persuasion," Raven agrees to help. After school, the girls make a human ladder with Raven at the bottom. Alana puts the cheese into the vent, and declares that the school will reek by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, a package gets delivered to the Baxter house. Victor signs for it, thinking it is an early birthday present. But he opens it up and reveals a tiny leather jacket. Victor notices that the package is addressed to Lionel, then goes to ask Cory what is going on. He enters Cory's room, and it is filled to the brim with cool stuff, like bikes, a guitar, and a massage chair. Lionel's cage has even been upgraded to a small house. Victor asks how Cory got all of these items, and Cory explains that he and William ordered them online, and paid with Lionel's new credit card. Victor then explains that credit card purchases must be paid for later. Cory is unable to afford any of his new things, and he and William start returning everything.

The next day at school, Alana, Loca, Muffy, and Raven strut through the halls, terrorizing people as they pass. Chelsea and Eddie see Raven, and pull her to the side. They ask why she is hanging out with Alana's crew. Raven, still mad, says that Alana and her crew actually were there to support her. Eddie and Chelsea are surprised that Raven is still upset, saying that the protest was a stupid idea to start with. Raven doubles down, saying that when it comes to being loyal, a friend wouldn't need to think about it, and rejoins Alana's group. Loca reports that the heat will come on in a few minutes. Alana realizes that she still has the wrapper for the cheese, and they need to get rid of it. Raven has another vision: Alana is slipping tiny pieces of the cheese wrapper into Eddie and Chelsea's lockers. Raven asks if Alana plans on framing Eddie and Chelsea. Alana says that she was just going to toss the wrapper in the trash, but decides to do Raven's idea. Alana, Loca, and Muffy head off to plant the wrappers, but Raven enlists the help of a tall student to help her reach the vent. She tries reaching inside to get the wheel, but accidentally sends it rolling further into the vent. Raven asks the tall student to help her get into a different vent. Raven crawls through the air ducts looking for the cheese, which has already started to melt and stink. Eventually, she finds it, but only to find herself stuck in the passage. Unable to move her arms, she realizes the only way left to get rid of the cheese is to eat it.

As she does, Alana and her crew, all wearing nose plugs, are putting pieces of the cheese wrapper into Eddie's and Chelsea's lockers. Eddie and Chelsea approach them, asking why Alana and her friends are near their lockers. Alana offers to show them as Mr. Lawler passes by. Alana and Muffy get his attention, and blame Eddie and Chelsea for the school smelling bad. Lawler says that the school doesn't stink. Alana's group remove their nose plugs and sniff the air. The school smells fine. Realizing someone is missing, Alana angrily demands to know where Raven is. Raven is still in the vent, and only has one chunk of cheese left to eat. She tries to get it into her mouth, but loud creaking interrupts her. She falls through the vent, and onto the floor in front of the entire group. Alana angrily states that stealing the cheese was a waste of time now that Raven ruined her plan. But, once she realizes what she said, it's too late. Lawler is ready to punish her. Raven decides to take the blame for the whole fiasco, saying that it was her idea to use the cheese as a stink bomb, and that she ate all the cheese so Eddie and Chelsea wouldn't be blamed for it. Lawler says he will be informing Raven's parents about this, and tells her to prepare for more detention. Eddie and Chelsea both say that this would not have happened if they and the rest of the students had backed Raven up from the beginning. They both say that if Raven goes to detention, the entire student body will go, too. But, the rest of the students leave. Lawler goes to get the detention paperwork for Eddie and Chelsea as well. Alana thanks Raven for taking the fall, and asks if she will still be part of her group. Raven declines and returns to Eddie and Chelsea. Alana is upset by this, but laughs it off. She and her group do their secret handshake, then leave. Raven decides that Eddie, Chelsea, and herself need a secret handshake, too. They manage to do one flawlessly, and have a group hug.

A few days later, Raven is late for school. She puts on her uniform and hurries to grab breakfast. Tanya tries to tell her about a letter from the school. Raven thinks it is a bill for the damaged ceiling, and she says she will pay for it soon, but for now, she needs to get to class. Tanya tries to call after Raven that the letter is actually a notice that the uniform policy has been cancelled, but she doesn't hear it. When Raven finally gets to school, she notices that everyone is in their regular clothes again. Annoyed, she heads down the hallway, grabbing accessories from other students, and adding them to her own outfit.



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  • This Episode was first aired as part of the "That's So Raven " marathon under the name "First New That's So Raven Episode of 2004.
  • When Mr. Lawler is calling out names for uniform pickup, he calls out the name "Pearman" (which is Raven -Symone's Actual last Name.
  • In the beginning of the last episode, Eddie is wearing the same shirt he wore in "Saving Psychic Raven."


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