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"Clouds on the Horizon" is the thirty-ninth episode of the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. It premiered on May 21, 2022, and is the twentieth episode in the second season.


As everyone on the Isles prepares to celebrate the Day of Unity, the CATS prepare to face the Emperor while Luz tries to save Amity from being grounded.


The Day of Unity draws near as final preperations are made. Blight Industries is also supplying the Emperor with more Abomitons to provide extra securtiy. All this concerns Alador, only to be put down by Odalia, who brushes away his concerns. Amity, Emira, and Edric are sneaking about the factory with a plan to blow it all up and end the production of Abomitons. However, they are quickly caught by their mother and are grounded.

Back at the CATs hideout, everyone is preparing to carry out their plan to stop the draining spell. Twenty-four hours remain before the Day of Unity, and at which point Emperor Belos will activate the draining spell which will take out everyone on the Boiling Isles. However, the spell only targets those with coven sigils, using the nine types of magic as ingredients for the spell itself. It will be channeled through each of the Coven Heads during the duration of the eclipse. The draining spell cannot be stopped, but it can be corrupted, which brings up Eda. Her curse can warp magic. The plan is to have Eda tap into the spell by taking someone's place as Coven Head, Raine's place. However, this also means she will have to be given a sigil. Though worried, Eda agrees to go ahead with this plan.

Meanwhile, Luz has completed her Palisman, which is an egg. She wanted to give it the option to become whatever it wanted to be. She is also worried for Eda as anything could happen. Eda is not okay with joining a coven, but if it means defeating Belos and saving the world she willing to take that chance.

Raine, Eda, and the rest of the group for the the Day of Unity aboard an airship. But before they leave, Luz makes Raine promise they will protect Eda. As they leave, Luz and King head for Blight Manor to save Amity, who is locked up with her siblings. Along the way, they meet up with Willow, Gus, and Hunter, Hunter tells Luz he is given orders to protect her by Darius. Luz and Hunter talk about what happened in "Hollow Mind". He does not know if he is a witch or a human but he is a copy of someone Belos made, but does knows who Belos is and that Luz unknowingly helped him because he did overhear their conversation. They both empathizes their experience.

They arrive at the Blight mansion and together they take out the Coven Scouts and Abomitons guarding the mansion. Luz uses plant magic to get up to Amity's window. The two happily embrace each other. Luz promises to take her on a special date once everything is over. One where there will be no mysteries, no monsters, and no deadly duels. Amity likes the sound of that and then they share their first kiss, flustering Luz and shocking Amity. The latter then tells Luz about her parents not realizing what they are helping Belos do. Luz agrees to help her and so does everyone else. Meanwhile, Eda gets ready to take Raine's place. Raine is unsure about going ahead with this plan. They know that once she gets a sigil she will never be able to practice wild magic again. Eda knows this, but she remains committed. Soon, her disguise is ready. Now all she needs to be given a Bard sigil and she is good to go.

Luz and her friends infiltrate the Blight Industries factory, disguised as Coven Scouts. However, Luz tells King to stay behind and wait. As he does so, he starts to hearing voices again before noticing a trail of sweet wrappers leading to Alador. The two have a heart to heart. Alador vents out all his frustrations over how unfair his wife has been treating him all these years. He is now at a point that he feels he should for once stand up to her and be a better father to his kids. King then tells Alador about what the Day of Unity is really about.

The kids plans to stop the production of Abomitons is again foiled and they are captured. Odalia has given Kikimora a knew type of Abomiton that she can ride in. Amity pleads with her mother to see what Belos is about to do will end all of witchkind, but she remains unmmoved. She even threatens to have Luz taken away from her and replaced with a girlfriend who better suits her standards. Kikimora also reveals that the Emperor is aware of their plan to stop the draining spell, and they have eyes on Eda. Just then, Alador and King come to the rescue and free the kids. For the first time in ages, Alador stands up to his wife, who reveals she already knows what the Day of Unity is about. The Emperor has promised to reward her and her family with a life of royalty. Hearing this disgusts Alador, and the two engage in a fight. During the conflict, Kikimora captures Hunter and escapes, despite everyone's efforts to stop her. Odalia is able to overpower the kids and her husband, and has all the Abomiton's surround them. However, Alador uses his abomination magic to destroy all the Abomitons and the entire factory, putting an end to their business. Outnumbered, Odalia accepts defeat and walks away, disappointed with her family turning against her.

Alador and the Kids hurriedly board an nearby airship, in the hopes of catching up with Kikimora and save Hunter. However, they discover that Luz is actually Hunter. On Luz's request, Gus cast an illusion spell over the two to protect Hunter. Which means Kikimora actually captured Luz and is now on her way to Belos.


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  • Not only does the intro not play, but for the second time the ending tune is not even featured.
  • This is the second episode after "Agony of a Witch" to not have the usual credits outro, continuing the Disney Channel trend of ending important episodes on bleak or vague end credits. The scene features a quiet shot of Kikimora in her suit flying away with Luz in the distance.
  • This episode is one of very few to not premiere on DisneyNOW the same day as its original airdate.
  • Luz has put her hair in a ponytail.
  • Hunter tells Luz he is a copy of someone Belos made, and he knows that Belos is Philip and what happened between Luz and him as he overheard their conversation in "Hollow Mind".
  • Luz and Amity have their first kiss.
  • Luz's Palisman wood is currently in the shape of an egg.
  • The hidden code can be seen when Willow tries to attack Kikimora. Translated, it reads "Father".
  • Luz's Witch's Wool Cape is fixed.
  • Kikimora has been demoted to cargo transport.
  • During the fight with Odalia's abomiton, there are several hints that Luz and Hunter have swapped places with each other:
    • When trapped in the forcefield, Luz is at the back of the group while Hunter is at the center; after Alador brings it down, Luz and Hunter have switched positions.
    • Before the barrier is taken down and Kikimora is rambling, Luz can be seen whispering something to Gus, which Hunter notices.
    • Gus can be seen struggling and sweating after the barrier comes down, hinting he's controlling the disguise spell which he reveals much later.
    • When "Luz" pushes Willow away, she seems to use the magic of Hunter's high speeds, despite the fact she can only use glyph magic.
    • Luz and Hunter don't speak throughout the entirety of the fight, because the disguise spell does not change the victim's voice and speaking would give them away.
      • In addition, if one were to listen closely when "Luz" pushes Willow away, Hunter's yelling is properly synced to "Luz's" mouth.
    • When "Hunter" lands after dodging Kikimora, he glances down at his arms with visible curiosity.
    • When Kikimora snatches "Hunter" with the abomiton, he blows a raspberry at her, which is something Luz would do. "He" also seems more annoyed than scared, given that the real Hunter is afraid to meet Belos again while Luz is determined.
    • A few visual differences can be seen in Luz and Hunter's faces during the fight: "Luz" has a more stubbed lip and visible tooth gap, while "Hunter" has a more curved lip and a full row of teeth.
    • Prior to the reveal, "Luz" can be seen cringing with fear instead of smiling like Amity when Alador is conversing with her after the battle.
  • When Hunter is freaking out over the thought of meeting Belos again, his voice sounds strikingly similar to Remy Remington from Big City Greens; coincidentally, both Remy and Hunter are voiced by Zeno Robinson.

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