Clyde & Claude are a pair of cousin toucans who host the pre-show in the Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland versions of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room.

Claude has green feathers and speaks in a British accent, while Clyde has red feathers and speaks in a Southern dialect. Their perch is Citrikua, a fictitious Tiki God of Health, named to evoke the Florida Citrus Growers that sponsored the original Sunshine Pavilion.

The two tell a story about how they first discovered the Sunshine Pavilion during a flight through the jungles of Adventureland, with Clyde making various animal sounds as Claude describes the things they encountered.


When Orlando and Tokyo had their Tiki Rooms undergo their respective overhauls, the toucans were recast as new characters.

For The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management, they became Hollywood agents named William (voiced by Don Rickles) and Morris (voiced by Phil Hartman), who represented Iago and Zazu and were very enthusiastic about them taking over the Tiki Room.

In The Enchanted Tiki Room: Get the Fever!, they became a hip-hop group named 2-Can, who were perched on a DJ record player with Citrikua being equipped with a boom-box. The Toucan preshow was not kept when the attraction was turned into The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents Aloha e Komo Mai!.

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