Cocky Locky is the boss of the egg-laying operation in the 1943 animated short, Chicken Little.


Chicken Little

Cocky Locky is first seen in the farm yard, being told that the sky is falling - hysterically by Chicken Little - along with the other animals in the community.

When all the chickens gather around and ask about what to do, Cocky Locky, their supposed leader, tells everyone that it is really just a hunk of wood. When the group dispatches, Chicken Little becomes depressed, still under the impression that the sky is falling. Meanwhile, Foxy Loxy comes up with the idea to sneak into the community, telling the other chickens that Cocky might be wrong, telling the turkeys that Cocky might be dictating the situations, and telling the ducks and geese that Cocky must be crazy. Soon, all of the birds agree that Cocky is no longer a good influence on them. Using more information from the group, he whispers to Chicken Little that he could be the new leader. After Chicken Little tries to proclaim himself leader, Foxy throws another piece of wood on Cocky, which convinces all the birds to look up to Chicken Little for leadership instead. Foxy Loxy then whispers to Chicken Little to go to a nearby cave. Chicken Little buys into this, leading chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese out of the community. Meanwhile, Foxy Loxy has been placing signs saying "TO THE CAVE". The birds follow the signs to the cave, where Foxy Loxy has them trapped.

It is revealed that all of the birds have been eaten by Foxy Loxy, and Cocky was not amongst the birds that fled to the cave, implying he managed to avoid being eaten by Foxy.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

Cocky Locky makes a cameo during the dance sequence of Scrooge's past alongside Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow, Gus Goose, and Angus MacBadger.
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