The Condormobile is a custom built superhero jet car that appeared in the film Condorman. It was designed by Woodrow Wilkins, and built by the C.I.A.


The Condormobile was originally a fictional vehicle in the comic books of Condorman but when Woody was hired by the C.I.A. to carry out a mission, He requested for equipment made from his designs. At first Russ was reluctant to do so but went ahead with it.

After picking up Natalia in Yugoslavia, They drove off in the direction of Italy and the Condormobile at the time was disguised as a gypsy camper van. However when the Prognovieh came in pursuit to capture Natalia, Woody switched over to the Condormobile and shot out of its disguised shell. The vehicle was also equipped with modifications like rear laser machine guns from the licence plate and above the twin jets.

When the Prognovieh pursuit squadron split, three of the pursuing drivers went after Woody and Natalia. The Condormobile was also low enough to pass under loading trucks and so where the three pursuing vehicles. After being bashed around in the rear, Woody used the third jet to set two of the black cars on fire and both went off the road in flames. The remaining one stayed in pursuit and it got worse when another was coming in the opposite direction. The Condormobile activated a forward ramp which caused the charging vehicle to fly from the ramp and crash into the last car. The only pursue driver left was the leader of the squadron Morovich. He chased Woody and Natalia through a village until they reached the docks and the Condormobile transformed into a hovercraft.


  • The vehicle used for the Condormobile is in fact a modified, 1972 Nova Sterling sports car.
  • The Condormobile makes an appreance in the Toy Story Toons short episode, "Small Fry".




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