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"Contagi-Anne" is the first segment of the eighth episode of Amphibia. It premiered on June 27, 2019.


Anne fakes getting sick to get off work, but the rest of the family gets sick.


As Anne attempts to snooze during a heavy rain storm, Hop Pop calls for her to come outside and help with the gardening as now would be the perfect time to handle the crops. Not wanting to go out, Anne fakes having an illness called "the mocha-lattes" and the Plantars let her stay inside while they go out and handle the crops. Anne, of course, has fun indoors while the Plantars attempt to brave the weather. Afterwards, the Plantars come inside with each of them exhibiting staunch symptoms such as Hop Pop getting sticky, Polly getting bloated eyes and Sprig having a massively droopy tongue. Feeling remorseful, Anne decides to take care of the Plantars herself, despite claiming that she is still sick.

Anne starts cleaning up after the Plantars and tending to their illnesses. She makes a pot of soup and begins adding extra ingredients including a bright red mushroom to it. After drinking the soup, Hop Pop notices that he has Red-Leg disease and tells Anne that this means that he will die from it. As he prepares a corner of the house for himself to die in, Anne demands that there has to be a cure. Hop Pop reveals that the only cure is by bathing in mineral water that is located in the mountains. Anne resolves to take him, as well as Sprig and Polly, to the top of the mountain so that they can be cured, all the while still claiming that she is sick.

Anne takes the Plantars to the foot of the mountain and discovers that not only is the Red-Leg spreading up Hop Pop's body, but Sprig and Polly also appear to have gotten it. Anne, full of determination, takes the Plantars and rushes up the mountain, eventually reaching the waters. However, this appears to have no affect as the Plantars are still red from head to toe. Anne tearfully admits that she faked being sick and that she will never fake again. The Plantars forgive her, but none of them are dying. They look in Hop Pop's book and learn that the mushroom that Anne put in the soup was the cause for their red coloring (which grosses out Hop Pop as he uses it to clean things). Anne hugs the Plantars while comically crying as they will live.


Additional Voices

  • Sam Riegel as Ab-Snatchers Actor & Movie Announcer


  • One-Eyed Wally is credited for the episode, but is only heard screaming.
  • Red-Leg is a real frog disease. It is usually brought about by lack of humidity, stress or even poor diet. When Hop Pop states that the only cure is to bathe in the healing waters, this could be a reference to how actual treatment is applied by adding enroflaxacin to tank water for them to bathe in. Frogs can also be treated with an effective antibiotic orally or intramuscularly.
  • The episode was later temporarily removed from Broadcast on Disney Channel due to the COVID-19 pandemic until October 5, 2020.
  • This episode was intended to be adapted into a children’s book, but it is unknown if it will ever be released.

International Premieres

International Edits

  • During the Southeast Asian boardcast "dang it", and "I swear" were edited out. The line "Just pick a corner for me to pass away in." was shortened to "Just pick a corner for me." Also, the word "live" was cut from the line "Sorry, Hop Pop. But you're going to live to see another day." was shortened to "Sorry, Hop Pop. But you're going to see another day."


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