"Cook the Cook" is a song from one of the Sebastian the Crab segments featured in Disney's 1992 TV series Marsupilami. It's preformed by Samuel E. Wright as Sebastian, René Auberjonois as Chef Louis, and a chorus as Sebastian's fish band.


The song is sung by the crab Sebastian on stage with his band, singing about how important music and singing are to him; as it is "The Food of Life" from his point of view as mentioned in the song's lyrics. While Chef Louis is trying to lurk his way on stage to catch Sebastian and cook him.



  • This song was never released on any physical or digital releases, and isn't available on any The Little Mermaid or Sebastian the Crab soundtracks
  • This song, along with it's episode and all of the Sebastian the Crab segments from Marsupilami, are considered lost, as they aren't currently available to view anywhere after its last airing on TV.
  • The song used to play on Disney Channel during breaks in the early 90's
  • Its considered to be the most remembered part of the whole lost Sebastian the Crab segments from Marsupilami
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