"Cooking with Minnie Mouse" is a song from The Mickey Mouse Club. It was performed in a "Fun with Music Day" sketch in which Jimmie Dodd and his wife Ruth teach the female Mouseketeers how to bake cookies.


Jimmie & Ruth:
It's time to cook with Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse
Now you out there in your own house
We'll show you what to do

We'll give you real good recipes
And you'll learn how to cook with ease

So, let's have your attention please
While Minnie cooks with you

You'll find out that pots and pans can be a lot of fun

And for you boys, there'll be a lot to eat before we're done

Jimmie & Ruth:
Now, everybody, here we go
And, as they say, on with the show
You'll be the best cook in your house
Cooking with Minnie Mouse

Ruth: (spoken)
Just go to your cupboard and get a box of Minnie Mouse cookie mix!

(instrumental break)

Ruth: (talk-singing)
Add a little milk, mix it well, then roll out your dough
And with your cookie cutters, cut out all the little friends you know

Like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Chip 'n' Dale
Put 'em on a cookie sheet, bake 'em in the oven, this is no fairy tale

Leave 'em in the oven, eight or ten minutes, at 375 degrees
When the cookies are cool, ice 'em and decorate any way you please

One important thing to remember when your cooking's through
Clean up the kitchen real good and make it shine like new

So, there you have our recipe for cookies, Mouseketeers
And when you serve them to your friends, you're gonna get three cheers

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