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"Coronation Day" is a television special of the Disney Channel animated series, Elena of Avalor. It is the season finale of the third season as well as the overall series finale. It premiered on August 23, 2020.


In Avalor City's Marketplace, Armando and Marlena put on a puppet show about Elena, Shuriki's takeover, Avalor's liberation, and how Esteban fled after Elena discovered his part in Shuriki's takeover. They also announce how Elena is becoming Queen this very day.

Meanwhile, at Avalor Palace, Elena is about to drink some beverage when Zuzo appears. Zuzo congratulates Elena for finally becoming Queen of Avalor. Elena questions Zuzo about Quita Moz's prophecy and he tells her to just focus on her coronation. Elena heads off for the dining room. Francisco intercepts her and takes her to the Grand Council Chamber. Once there, she finds that her family, her friends, and the Grand Council have thrown her a surprise party. Elena tells them she is still going to ask them for advice when she needs it. Everyone then sets off to get everything ready for the coronation including welcoming her royal friends from other kingdoms to Avalor.

Suddenly, Mateo tells Elena there something she needs to see. When Elena shows up in Mateo's room, she finds Isabel, Ixlan, and her friends waiting for her. Mateo announces that he found a spell he could use to find Ash and her team. He then uses it to show everyone where they are. They realize that Ash's group is in Nueva Vista and that the humans and the Sirena Kingdom of Coronado there are in danger. Elena heads back to the Grand Council Chamber to inform the Grand Council of this. The Grand Council gives her their permission to go. Francisco wishes they had forgiven Esteban when they had the chance but Elena tells him he cannot be forgiven for what he did. Right before Elena's team and Antonia leave, Carla and Victor tells Elena that they are coming as well. Elena asks them if they are sure as they are meeting their previous family member, to which Carla reminds her that they told her they will help and they meant it. Hearing this, Elena agrees to let them come and they leave altogether.

In Nueva Vista, Ash's group is revealed to be looking for the Shadow Gateway, the barrier keeping the Shadows of the Night out of the EverRealm. Esteban is apprehensive as the Shadows of the Night nearly destroyed the Kingdom of Maru, Ash tells him that's why she wants to recruit them. When Esteban questions how she can be sure the Shadows will help them she tells him that they will do so out of gratitude for freeing them. Chatana finds a clue that reveals that the Gateway is under the sea. Upon their arrival, Ash uses her magic to reveal the Gateway.

Suddenly, Elena's group arrives and attacks Ash's group. Marisa shows up to help them, having discovered the threat Ash's group posed to Coronado and her family. Elena's group easily overpowers Ash's. Most get knocked out and taken prisoners, until only Ash and Esteban remain. Antonia takes the prisoners back to Avalor Palace. With her anger-induced magic, Elena goes after Esteban. This proves to be a mistake as it gives Ash time to open the Shadow Gateway through which she and Elena fall through with Flo going after them. The Shadows of the Night come through and ask Esteban if he freed them. Esteban lies and says he did. He also tells them Elena's group is attacking him. The Shadows overwhelm Elena's group forcing them to retreat. The Shadows rename themselves the Four Shades of Awesome. The Shades introduce themselves as Hetz, Vuli, Yolo, and Cahu. They pledge themselves to Esteban and vow to make him King of Avalor and the five of them set off to conquer Avalor.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Elena, Flo, and Ash have been sent to the dark side of the Spirit World. They get caught in vines. Suddenly, Bobo and the Zanies show up and set the three of them free. Bobo also reveals that only the Grand Macaw can send them back. So they set off to find him. Meanwhile back in Avalor, everyone is talking about how to take down the Shades when Isabel sits on her sister's throne, which doesn't go unnoticed by her grandmother. Isabel apologizes for what she's doing, but Luisa tells her granddaughter that she should be sitting on the throne because she's the Crown Princess now as Elena's heir. This makes Isabel remember that Quita Moz said the flames saw her sitting on the throne, and this is what the flames meant. For this reason, everyone looks to Isabel for ideas on how to defend Avalor in Elena's absence. Gaining confidence, Isabel tells Mateo to summon Zuzo so they can find Elena. She also decides to tell some of the coronation guests what is going on so they can help. Mateo summons Zuzo and tells him what happened. Back in the Spirit World, Elena, Ash, Flo, Bobo, and the Zanies arrive at the Grand Macaw's place where they meet Troyo, who got eaten by a tiger-hawk sometime after he was turned into a snurtle. The Grand Macaw declares that he will only send the winner of an Olaball game back. Ash gets to pick her teammates from the dark side of the Spirit World and Elena gets to pick her teammates from the light side. Elena enlists her parents and Bobo and Ash picks Troyo, Orizaba, and Zopilote, who also got eaten by a Tiger-Hawk sometime after he got turned into a bird. The Grand Macaw announces that there are no rules. Zuzo appears and tells Elena that the Grand Macaw does not always mean what he says. Puzzled by what Zuzo meant by that, Elena ignores it for the moment as she prepares to face Ash's team. The game begins.

Meanwhile back in Avalor, the Four Shades of Awesome launch their attack. Isabel's leadership enables them to send Hetz back to the Spirit World by getting him to blast himself with his own lightning attack. Unfortunately, the other Shades prove to be way too powerful and Isabel's defenses are quickly beaten back. Meanwhile, Elena's team is having no luck in their match against Ash's team. Raul calls for a timeout when he notices how Elena is blowing her top over little things. He and Lucia confront Elena about why she's being such a hothead. Elena tells them about how hurt she is by Esteban's betrayal and her doubts about living up to Raul's standards. Raul tells Elena that her job is to protect the kingdom, not to get revenge for what happened. He and Lucia tell her getting revenge would not bring them back from the afterlife and wanting it will only lead to bad decisions. Realizing what her parents mean, Elena is remorseful that she went after Esteban instead of stopping Ash from releasing the Shadows. Raul adds that he did not always make good decisions. He also admits it is his fault Shuriki took over Avalor. He stopped her from attacking Avalor's allies, so she turned her attention to Avalor to get revenge so they would not interfere in trying to stop her next time. Esteban tried to warn him she would do so, but he did not listen to him, which is why he joined Shuriki.

Back in Avalor, Esteban and Cahu enter the palace. Francisco angrily asks Esteban why he is doing this. Esteban explains that it is because he has been ignored all his life. He only wants power so people will listen to him. Luisa tells him it will come at the cost of being a villain who is loved and respected by no one. Cahu turns them to stone. Esteban demands that she change them back, only for Cahu to tell him he keeps making the same mistake: trusting those who pretend to listen. Cahu reveals that the Shades were just using Esteban. Meanwhile, Elena loses the Olaball game on purpose, and Ash is delighted at winning the game only to learn that the winner is the one who has to stay in the Spirit World forever. Elena is sent back. King Verago, his Guards, and the Sunbirds show up.

Elena's group takes down Vuli and Yolo and sends them back to the Spirit World, but Cahu proves to be way too powerful as she manages to turn Mateo and Gabe to stone while they are not paying attention, forcing Elena to have Naomi take Isabel to safety before the same fate befalls them, then does the same to Skylar as he tries to fly Elena to safety. Before she can turn Elena to stone, Esteban takes the hit for her, which saddens her to the point where she finally forgives her cousin. Her forgiveness activates her emotion magic, which changes Esteban back, and she uses her magic to undo Cahu's spell and those of the other Shades all over Avalor, restoring those Cahu turned to stone and revert those turned into other things by the other Shades back to normal as well. Cahu tells Elena that she's only delaying her fate, and Esteban tries to throw his cousin her scepter only for it to glow in his hand, which means he's capable of using it. Pointing the scepter at Cahu, Esteban says "Blaze", and the spell hits her and breaks her hourglass, stripping her of her powers. Cahu says that she cannot be defeated as she attempts to recover the spilled sand, and Elena picks up Esteban's staff and decides to send her back to the Spirit World. Since the staff isn't powerful enough to go that far, Esteban and Elena combine their magic and send her back to the Spirit World together. When they return, Quita Moz reveals to Elena that her test was Esteban and learning to forgive him. Esteban offers to spend the rest of his life making up for what he did, which Elena accepts, and she hugs her cousin.

That night, Elena's coronation finally commences; before Elena is crowned, they are interrupted by the arrival of Sofia who is a teenager now and her family showing up. Teen Amber tells Elena "We Queens have to stick together." to which Sofia reminds her she is not the Queen of Enchancia yet. Francesco finally crowns Elena the Queen of Avalor, and Elena names Naomi her Chancellor, Gabe a General, Mateo Master Wizard, and Isabel the Royal Inventor. She then dances her first dance as Queen of Avalor with her grandfather Francisco. However, he reveals that he was only tired all day because he stayed up all night writing a song for the coronation. With that, everyone dances in celebration.




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  • Sofia and her family make their second and final appearance in this finale since the pilot Elena and the Secret of Avalor. Sofia, Amber, and James are also shown to have become teenagers since this special takes place four years after the events of the aforementioned special.
    • Sofia's teenage self had to go through four different designs to match the art style for the show.
    • Amber no longer wears her tiara.
  • Instead of the usual parchment background, the end credits are shown as fireworks going off at the palace over the night sky of Avalor City.
  • The Royal Painter from Dia de las Madres returns and apparently hasn’t aged.
  • Elena gets one more emotion magic, forgiveness. When she feels this emotion, her dress turns white.
  • Elena finally forgives Esteban in this episode.
  • Raul and Lucia knew Esteban's secret for a while after their deaths, and they have forgiven him since.
  • This is the only special where the title is not read out loud.
  • Chatana, Tziloco, and Pili are defeated early on to make room for the Shades.
  • Ash's ultimate fate: trapped in the Spirit World for all eternity.
  • Sanza and Shuriki make a cameo appearance during the Olaball match in the Spirit World. Sanza applauses and Shuriki eats popcorn and chuckles when Elena "loses" to Ash.
  • Troyo and Zopilote now reside in the Spirit World with Sanza, Ash, Orizaba, and Shuriki.
  • This finale has the largest cast of characters in the show's history, though many of them do not have any dialogue.
  • Amber's quote "we queens have to stick together" is similar to Rapunzel's "we princesses have to stick together" on Sofia the First's special, "The Curse of Princess Ivy".
  • It is revealed that Shuriki attacked Avalor's neighboring allies before attacking Avalor, likely seeking to usurp the rulers there, and set her sights on Avalor and King Raul after he foiled her attempts to conquer the other kingdoms.
  • Morals:
    • Revenge does not solve anything and will lead to bad decisions.
    • It is always important to forgive, sooner or later.
    • Leave the past behind and look towards the future.
    • Power alone would not make someone happy.

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